Geargasm: Eagle 100rd SAW Pouch in RG

I’ve sort of been half-assing towards a plate carrier inspired by the transition between RG, MJK, and Multicam nylon, as used by US Army SOF in 2011. Pictured below is a Airborne soldier at Fort Bragg sometime in 2011, if memory about this picture serves correctly. I first noticed the set of pics that this one comes from, as this specific soldier is rocking a VTAC Extreme BattleRail on his carbine – that really caught my eye as I had a hard-on for the Troy TRX Extreme/VTAC Extreme series of hand guards at the time.

I know, I know – the EPC replica I’ve got is Coyote Brown, but I spent many hours staring at legit Eagle Khaki and repro Flyye Coyote Brown and the difference in colour when both have been used and are dirty is minimal enough for me to tolerate. Plus, I don’t have to go out and buy a whole new plate carrier just for an impression that may or may not ever see the light of day.

There are a few specific pouches that I’ve seen in pictures of Special Forces – one of which is the Eagle nutsack pouch. This pouch isn’t the latest and greatest, but it is super useful as a medic/general purpose pouch, as well as an ammo/magazine pouch. So, I went and found a Eagle Industries 100rd SAW Pouch in OD (100rd SAW magazines are also known as a “nutsack”) when I was shopping at DS Tactical a few months ago. It looks like the following (picture comes from

It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, as I was looking for one in Ranger Green to go onto a Eagle Plate Carrier (Flyye replica) to get that “look” that I want. Like I’ve found so many legit Eagle nutsack pouches, but either the bidding on eBay went way up or I totally missed the boat. For example, I’ve seen one Ranger Green one in my searches since September last year. I later saw a Multicam one go up to close to $100 USD a day before the end of that auction – holy crap, that’s one expensive pouch… as compared to how much the one pictured below costs.

The above pouch pictured is the Toy Soldier had a clone for $45.00 USD, but this one says “sold out” next to the price tag, now. I guess I’ll wait till Tactical Workshop (eBay store for Toy Soldier products) is back up and running and then give them a shout to see if I can get one made for me.

But seriously – I’m interested if anyone who reads this has one that they would be willing to sell to me. Clone or not clone – but must look the part and colour must be correct. I’m down. I’m so down.


16/03/2013 update: I’ve gotten my Toy Solider clone and have posted a simple photo review here.


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