VFC HK416-C and M27 IAR AEGs coming soon!

Popular Airsoft (one of my favorite sites for airsoft news) is reporting that AEG versions of VFC’s HK 416C and M27 IAR are nearing release.

VFC has previously released the 416C and M27 in GBB form, but this is the first time they’ve been released as AEGs. The 416C is the PDW version of the popular 416D, sporting a short barrel and a funky looking retractable stock. Unless VFC managed to find a way to stick a tiny lipo in the buffer tube/cheek rest portion of the stock, it looks like you’ll need a front-wired battery in a PEQ to power this thing. Aside from that one caveat, it looks like a standard version 2 gearbox/motor/hop up. Looks like a good candidate for a high-ROF/CQB kind of gun.

The M27 IAR is the one I’m a little more interested in, the M27 being the replacement for the M249 SAW in service with the US Marine Corps. The Marine Corps uses it mainly as a support/suppressive fire weapon, but the long barrel lends itself well to DMR usage in airsoft (and I believe the Marine Corps is considering adapting the M27 for use as such). Toss an ACOG, bipod and possible a foregrip on there, and you’ve got a kosher M27 that would make a swanky DMR.

Anyone out there thinking of picking one of these up?



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