APS Urban Assault Rifle (UAR)

Turns out that this little guy was in at work when I stepped in Saturday. APS made a little delivery on Friday to my place of employment, it seems. To start with – the head rep of APS (I don’t like that guy’s arrogance to begin with) apparently dropped it off. The staff at work looked at it and pretty much immediately figured out it wasn’t brand new – there were scratches in the plastic and on the finish of the few metal parts that are accessible externally, and there was a pin or two missing.


Frankly, I’m not impressed. Looks to me like an ARES clone quick change spring guide gearbox, and apparently there’s a microswitch in there, too. (This statement corrected here as of 29/01/2013) All 3 mag catch buttons work somewhat okay. Selector lever has a ridiculous placement. You more or less can’t reach the highest selector position with your thumb (this is more easily actuated with a trigger finger) – I can’t even recall if its for safe or not, it was that forgettable. Speaking of triggers, the trigger pull is long and mushy, far worse than your already-crappy AEG trigger. Bolt stop has pretty much ceased functioning at this point in time. Plastic feels like your standard made-in-China APS plastic, and there’s definitely a bit of flex in it. On the flip side, it’s got lots of rail space, has lots of integrated external QD swivel points, and isn’t overly weighted in the rear like some other Airsoft bull pups I’ve handled, but still – this is really not my thing. M4 mag compatibility is the only other distinctive plus – let’s hope that this APS takes PTS PMAGs, unlike some of those earlier APS M4’s that weren’t compatible with the nice PTS Magpul mags…

I’ve been told that this gun is the first Airsoft gun being made into a real steel gun, as patterned after the Airsoft gun. Good god, someone’s cloning an APS clone? APS, a.k.a. “A Piece of Shit” as locals started calling them after our first experiences with the owner’s son showing off his gun. Those first APS guns didn’t even function through a day of gaming at 400 FPS (or perhaps higher, no one actually chrono’ed him that day, if I remember correctly). This APS UAR hasn’t yet been disassembled, much less shot by any of the staff at work; I’m afraid of what the internals look like and how the gun shoots. Very afraid.

Next thing I expect to see is a rebranded Javelin Airsoft Works version of this gun. Oh, hate to spoil it for all you Javelin fanboys – your Javelin EBB AEG’s are just rebranded “A Piece of Shit” guns. /rant

Well, at least the flash hider looks cool.


PS: posts updating about the UAR are as follows.

UAR #2: https://overhoppers.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/aps-uar-update/

UAR #3: https://overhoppers.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/aps-uar-internals-review/

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