APS UAR: Update

So, after showing my brief review of the UAR to my coworkers today, we decided to actually power up the APS UAR for the first time since we got this particular gun. It actually turned out to be not that bad, as we were all expecting. I guess with some work, it could turn into a somewhat decent platform (V3 AK-style gearbox with quick change spring guide, and AK style hop up unit), but out of the box performance was less than stellar for all three of us.

We actually shot it quite a bit. We initially went with a 7.4V LiPo, then went through 600 MaH on a 11.1V LiPo battery – lots of cycles of the gearbox and no breakages.

It surprisingly didn’t break after firing so much. That being said, the grouping on full auto was pretty terrible, even at 10ft. This video shows the performance on a 7.4V battery.

Not caught on film was the first 1 minute 30 seconds of continuous full auto fire, the Tamiya connector to battery coming apart, or the chrono. The chrono happened to show that this gun shot 280 FPS on a 0.20g BB – this may explain why there was so little heat build up in the wires or battery, as well as the lack of anything breaking in the many cycles put through the gearbox.


Also, head tech “Kampfer” at work corrected me – no microswitch in gearbox, just a normal-ish APS AK V3 gearbox with the addition of the quick change spring guide as per Kampfer’s recommendation to the UAR design. Sorry for the fuzzy picture, Kampfer moved both times when I was attempting to take a photo.




PS: final update about the UAR is as follows.

UAR part 3: https://overhoppers.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/aps-uar-internals-review/

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