So I have my Masada back…

Photo 2013-01-31 6 53 16 PM

Welcome home, my love. I’ve missed you.



3 responses to “So I have my Masada back…

  • overhoppers

    Hey look, that sad face I saw in the Magpul logo is still penciled in… as is the note that said “don’t sell me” – to which you responded by trading away your PTS Masada in a day or two. Your Masada had its heart broken by you, Dizzy. The trust between you two shall never be the same.


  • overhoppers

    I may have broken its heart, but our love has endured… and plus she’s been handled by a tonne of noobs so I don’t think she’s in a position to argue. Regardless, she is back in my life, and our love shall endure forevermore.


  • Loops

    If this gun hasn’t been traded for a Scar by the weekend I will rub a M4 all over my body.

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