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First Impressions: Flyye 6094k + LBT AOR1 Comparison


Isn’t she pretty?

Above is a Flyye AOR1 6094k, which I picked up recently from the good folks at ehobbyasia as the first part of the 2010ish SEALs impression Fireteam Bro is currently building. I’ve always been a big fan of Flyye (second only to Pantac in replica gear quality, in my honest opinion) and LBT’s 6094 design, but seeing this particular rig on screen in Zero Dark Thirty pretty much sealed the deal for me. I had to have it.

First impressions of the rig, its features, and a close-up comparison with a legit LBT AOR1 6094 slick after the break.

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GTCE: Shoot Back

This is a little segment I’ll be doing for a little while – one liners for new players who are trying to become a better Airsoft player.

Alright, here we go: Juicy’s guide to (Airsoft) combat effectiveness – part 2.

Chances are that if someone is trying to kill you, you should probably be defending yourself. Anyone can pick up a gun and line up the sights on a pop can, but remaining combat effective in those “oh shit”/intense/shit-hits-the-fan moments is an acquired skill that requires training. Hell, even with some practice, I still sometimes forget to do the following when I’m taking fire from all directions:

If you’re being shot at, shoot back.

In order to practice this, I recommend regular Airsoft gameplay, as enemies generally tend to shoot at you while in-game. You can also train under stress if you’re practicing on your own – try timing yourself while still trying to get good hits on a target (I sometimes do this by drawing my sidearm and taking shots on a target small enough to push your skill level as a shooter, but not too small to limit your performance due to your gun’s grouping).


Lid Update / Sordin ARC Rail Adapter Review

photo (21)

Couple of minor updates to my FAST helmet – main addition is the replica ARC rail adapters for my Sordins. These adapters accomplish several things:

  • They let people with giant noggins (ie, myself) wear Sordins with their helmet, because wearing Sordins with the headband under the helmet induces headaches
  • They make actual use of all that ARC rail space that people have but don’t really use
  • They give you +5 tacticool points.

Details, thoughts, and more pics after the break.

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Preview: AOR1 kit

photo (20)


Ahh, AOR1 – my new obsession.

I’ll go into detail about the new gear tomorrow. 🙂


GTCE: Don’t Die

This is a little segment I’ll be doing for a little while – one liners for new players who are trying to become a better Airsoft player.

And so, without further ado, I present to you, Juicy’s guide to (Airsoft) combat effectiveness – part 1.

When I had started playing Airsoft for a month or two, I got shot all the time. I didn’t really get any kills, to compound that. I asked the advice of “Tatsu,” a player and tech (he was the first to show me how to open up V2 gearboxes). However, he gave me this cardinal rule that he played by – it made him combat effective.

Don’t die.

If you don’t get killed, you can still shoot. Avoid getting yourself into situations where you are guaranteed to get shot (though it is one heck of an adrenaline rush) – instead, find ways to minimize the risk of someone else getting a gun on you before you can eliminate them. This guideline doesn’t mean that you don’t call your hits – there is never an excuse for that, in the game of Airsoft that relies on a player’s honor to call their own hits. But rather you should master surviving first, and racking up those kills in firefights will surely follow as your skills as a shooter get better.


PTS PDR-C – Internals Photo Review

As promised before, here are Kampfer’s photos.

These are re-posted (with permission) from Kampfer’s personal photo log of the internals of the PTS PDR-C. He didn’t do a standard photo review of the externals as you can more or less find that anywhere else. As a matter of fact, Kampfer was practically itching to take the PDR apart after holding the first one for a few seconds.

I’m pretty sure he was taking more photos earlier, so I’ll post them here as I get access to them.

Internally, he was pretty happy with the quality of parts, design and assembly – in fact, he did buy one for himself already. He noted that the hop up design is a little funky… I’m not entirely clear on what the issue is, but from what I can see, there’s a feeding tube integrated into the gearbox shell, which feeds into the hop up unit through the gearbox shell from your magazine; this means that you lose a few extra BBs than you usually do in most AEG hop up chamber designs.

If its good enough for respected tech, Mr. Jasper Tam, it is good enough for me.


APS UAR… Again

I got assigned to fix the UAR after it broke during more dusting duty on a very hot spring and a high voltage battery. I’ll be publishing my take on its internals – which is actually pretty good. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised.

I’ll probably be editing or replacing this brief article with the UAR internals update.

As with the PTS PDR-C overview (possibly including internals), both will be up soon.

Erm, soon-ish…


Edit: Update uploaded here.