Random Airsoft Musings: On The Calling of Hits

For starters, no, this isn’t a rant about how people don’t call their hits. Rather, it’s quite the opposite – it’s a rant about how shooters should stop complaining about people not calling their hits. Yeah. That’s right. You heard me.

Being a Game Lead for a local airsoft group means I pretty much hear it all, often on a daily basis – “He’s not calling his hits! I saw him flinch! I saw the BBs bounce off him! I used to be in SEAL Team 6, I’m sure I can hit him from here!”

To these players, I ask, are you actually hitting him?

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Airsoft guns currently only possess a fraction of the accuracy and range of real firearms. I own a PTW that I’ve put ridiculous amounts of money into, and while the accuracy and range are impressive, even I can’t be 100% positive that I’m hitting someone from more than 150 feet away. At that range I might think (and it might look like) I’m hitting someone – my PTW’s effective range is around 200-225 feet, I’d reckon, the maximum range probably around 250 feet – but I can’t be 100% sure. When you’re using a stock G&G rental gun and you’re spraying a dude 200 feet away and you yell at him to call his hit, don’t complain to me. Much face palming will occur.

We’ve all been there – you see a tango raise his weapon, you see the BBs flying towards you, you duck and take cover behind a conveniently placed wall milliseconds before the BBs would have hit you. Next thing you know, the tango is yelling at you to call your hit; he saw you flinch, after all, and saw the BBs bounce off you. You yell back that it didn’t hit you; that the flinch was you diving into cover, and the BB bounced off your cover. The game degenerates into a frustrating shouting match, and poor Game Leads like me have to intervene.

What I’m getting at is, instead of automatically placing the blame on the target, perhaps we should all consider the shooter when it comes to hit calling issues. This is not lazer tag and your gun is not a laser beam. This is not Call of Duty. There is a chance that you’re not hitting that guy. Instead of complaining, maneuver. With covering fire from teammates, move to outflank him. Get closer. Then take the shot again.

Now I should follow the above by stating that yes, there are full-on cheaters out there that purposefully don’t call their hits, and they deserve to be tarred, feathered, and generally judged in whatever method deemed appropriate by the game leadership. I stress over and over again in my safety speech and when meeting new players: airsoft is about honesty, integrity, and respect. Cheaters possess none of those, and thus there is no room for them in our sport.

Honesty, integrity, respect. When it comes to hit calling issues, perhaps it’s time to ask if the shooter has these ideals.


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