First Impressions: Magpul PTS PMags for Systema PTW

photoWell, the ehobby order I was complaining about taking forever to get here finally arrived yesterday (although in actuality, it only took a week from order to my front door – well done Ehobby). There were some other bits and bobs in the order, but the main bulk of my purchase was 10 Magpul PTS PMags for my PTW.

PMags have been an option for PTW owners for quite some time, but up until Magpul PTS released these mags they were somewhat “unofficial” PMags, usually involving cramming the guts from a standard Systema GI Mag (or the lesser quality Vanaras brand internals) into either a PTS AEG PMag or a real steel PMag. There were occasional fitment/alignment issues with these mags, as were to be expected from “DIY” projects.

I’ve been looking for PMags for my PTW for a long time. I run mainly PTS EMags for my other STANAG AEGs and the extra weight of the steel Systema mags is very noticeable and really adds up – they’re sturdy, but that sturdiness comes at a cost in terms of weight. When Magpul PTS finally released their official PTW PMags, I knew I had to get these.

Pics (including comparisons with the AEG PMags) and general first impressions after the break.

photo_2The first impression of these PTW PMags is that they are almost identical to the AEG PMags; in fact, were one to ignore the different feeding mechanism and the slightly longer length of the PTW Pmag, one would be hard pressed to find the difference between the two. If I didn’t tell you the DE PMag above is the PTW Pmag, would you be able to tell the difference? It’s nice that they’re similarly priced, too, at $22.95 USD per mag over at Ehobby. Systema GI Mags cost considerably more (at roughly $200 for 6 mags) so it’s nice of Magpul PTS to not gouge us for these mags when they probably could have gotten away with it.

photo_3The surface texture of the PTW PMags is almost identical to the AEG PMags, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I found out they were using the exact same material for both magazines. This is a good thing, as anybody who owns the AEG PMags will tell you that they are solid and well built externally. The polymer feels good in your hand, remaining nice and rigid even when subjected to substantial force. The weight of the mags is just right – lightweight while still maintaining just enough heft to remind you they’re there. Overall, construction and build quality of the mags (at least externally; I haven’t opened one up or loaded one up yet) is top notch, which is right on par with the PTS AEG PMags.

photo_1The main difference between the PTW PMag and the standard Systema GI mags, aside from the obvious cosmetic differences, is the weight. Holding both mags in my hands, I can safely guesstimate that two PMags are equal in weight to one Systema GI mag; in other words, the PTS PMag weighs half as much as a Systema GI mag. I didn’t have a scale on hand to measure this out, so this remains a rough estimate, but even without solid numbers it is readily apparent that the weight savings over the Systema mags are considerable.

As you can see above, the PTW PMags are fully compatible with the PTS Ranger Plates that PTS previously released for the AEG PMags, which was a pleasant surprise. I was kinda worried I’d have to buy a new set of plates for these mags.

photo_4The PTS PMag followers are captive, which is good to know. Earlier gen versions of the Systema GI Mags had a non-captive follower that would occasionally pop out when you emptied the mags manually, which was a bit of a pain because you’d have to fish it out of your bag of BBs and reinstall it (assuming you didn’t lose it on the ground or something).


Overall I’d have to say I have very positive first impressions of Magpul PTS’s first foray into PTW-specific magazines. I’m a huge fan of their AEG PMags (the M version ones at least – the cheaper versions that are OEMed from STAR are trash), and I’m certain that their quality will carry over to these mags. The weight savings will be significant, and on top of that they will look cool. I’ll probably be keeping my Systema GI mags (if nothing else, they look great externally for pics), but I’ll most definitely be running these mags at every opportunity for the foreseeable future.

As well all know, though, the most important requirement of any magazine is that it feed BBs. I haven’t loaded/fired any of these mags yet, but I will do so tomorrow and will report back on my findings then.


(big thanks to Dice, who brought some of these mags in for his DTW awhile back and let me try them in my PTW to confirm they worked- thanks bud!)

One response to “First Impressions: Magpul PTS PMags for Systema PTW

  • overhoppers

    Juicy: quick update – I got my hands on a separate PTS PTW PMAG and it works fine without modification/shimming to my PTW magazine well. Feeding seems to be good – works as it should. Follower spring is indeed stronger than the used Systema USGI STANAG mags I’ve now got, but definitely weaker than the aftermarket MAG Strong type follower springs I recently installed in some of my used Systema USGI mags. That being said, the PTS PMAG seems to keep up with 0.30g BB’s entirely without any problems currently.

    Update #2: Its a few months later now and the PTS follower springs just aren’t keeping up with even 0.25g BB’s now, despite religious unloading of magazines at the end of each game day. Back to Systema mags and MAG Strong springs for me!

    Update #3: Attempts to install Systema follower springs or elongated Beta Project AK PMAG follower springs in order to get my PMAGs to feed have all but failed. Mine are going into the bottomless parts bin of no return. Last I saw, Dizzy’s seem to be working just fine.

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