Gun Pron – Feb 10 Game Day

photo (19)Just a lil gun pron from today’s game day.

L to R: my VFC SCAR-H, Systema PTW, and KSC MP7. Jester’s Systema PTW. DXN’s Systema PTW (w/ 416 upper!)

Front: DXN’s Mk46 SAW.


Above: action shot courtesy of Tyr, who spent most of the morning session making us look good with his camera. Thanks Tyr!



One response to “Gun Pron – Feb 10 Game Day

  • Henry Kim

    I’m very curious about those ELCAN Specter DR’s ya’ll have mounted on your primaries. Is there any chance that ya’ll would do a review on them? If you’ve already done one, would you mind directing me to it? I can’t seem to find a search function on your website. Thanks!

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