TMC BC 141 Plastic Dummy Knife

I haven’t carried a rubber training knife onto the Airsoft field in years – I’ve only ever bought one of my own and promptly lost it a month later. I can only recall two knife kills with my own training knife; during a milsim, I presented myself to two unfriendly combatants as a contractor for hire. When they eventually let their guard down and got within arms reach, I casually drew my knife and tapped them both out of the game.

A Benchmade Nimravus clone, this TMC Plastic Dummy Knife comes with a hard plastic sheath. This Benchmade model is exactly the fixed blade knife that MARSOC Marines carry into combat. When I spotted this in the new products on, I knew I had to have one. However, in my experience, EBAirsoft customer service/packing times are less than stellar, so I waited for another retailer to start selling them. Airsoft Park is where I ordered mine from, when it was on sale – Tactical Butterfly Dummy Straight Knife with Tan Plastic Knife Sheath.


Included with this particular model is a hard, cheaply moulded plastic sheath – other options are black/tan, hard plastic sheath/nylon soft sheath. The dummy knife fits beautifully into the sheath, I’m confident that it won’t slip out in the orientation that I’ve mounted mine. I have zap strapped my sheath to the inside of my Flyye Plate Carrier – though this is not commonly pictured in MARSOC, I thought it would be cool to put it here as I don’t have the capability or spare to mount the sheath in the usual spots. Generally you see MARSOC operators attaching their Nimravus and sheathes to their Safariland 6004 holster leg shrouds, or horizontally across the chest of their plate carriers.


The knife itself is actually pretty well detailed for a plastic clone. The knife blade is one piece of moulded plastic, while the two grip panels on either side of the hilt are actually separate parts. Everything is held together by two pairs of bolts and nuts. No rattle or creaks here.


Note the partially serrated blade and the pointy tip. The entire blade is actually right in the middle of the plastic mould – that itself is actually capable of doing some minor damage if an Airsoft player were to slash at someone with it. I’m not saying that this plastic knife is as sharp as the real steel, but I’m just saying that any Airsoft player who purchases one of these for use as a training knife and getting some cool knife kills with better be careful with the force that they use with it.


All in all, this dummy plastic knife is actually a surprisingly good looking replica of the Benchmade Nimravus. It totally looks the part for me – this is exactly what I purchased it for, looking good and doing nothing else. It isn’t for everyone, but I would highly recommend it isn’t used as a training knife as it could very likely cause more damage than your typical rubber training knife (like those Cold Steel ones) would do.



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