Element H-250 Military Phone

I’ve had people approach me and ask if my radio antenna is functional – why yes, it is (more on that United Star AN/PRC-148 another day). The next question I usually hear is if the phone works – why yes, it does.

Behold, the Element (or Z Tactical) H-250 Military Phone!


Functionally, this thing is super simple – simple is good because simple tends not to break as often.

  • One big button to push when I want to talk, no having to deal with volume controls constantly as the radio isn’t plugged into my ear(s).
  • Microphone on one end, speaker on the other end.
  • One coiled cable coming out of the handset going into the radio, rather than 2-3 cables going from radio to PTT to headset.
  • Integrated clip that is moulded right into the back of the phone body, no velcro-on clip with shitty velcro.
  • No batteries required, no batteries to have to replace.


More on how I run my H-250 phone and how I got to using one in the first place, after the break.

I generally run my phone on my left clavicle, just below and/or towards my centreline from where I would be shouldering my stock on my left side. Here, I can simply tilt my head and orient the speaker side of the phone to my left ear, and the microphone end roughly to the bottom of my jaw. Heck, I don’t even have to remove the handset from whatever it is clipped to half the time, in order to talk.

Now, I’ve fooled around with a number of Element and Z-Tactical headsets and PTT (push-to-talks) during my Airsoft career, including many that I didn’t own myself but have had the opportunity to QC and test during my jobs in the Airsoft industry. Over time, it became apparent to me that pretty much everything fails at some point or another – I guess that’s what you get for buying a cheap, made-in-China, clone headset and PTT. Some fail sooner than others that last for years, but they all break. I also found out that I don’t really use a headset to be super sneaky or whatever, I tend to call out to people around me rather than using my radio (thanks for the inspiration, “Kartel”), so why should I even run a headset? Since I had recently purchased my United Star PRC-148 that only takes a Kenwood-style headset plug, I had to get a new comms set-up anyway.

And so my search for a better headset started. I’d spent my time with those dinky little Motorola GMRS radios that tended to crap out or run out of batteries at the worst times, I’d also spent my time with shitty PTT’s. Why not remove the PTT from the equation and run something that would directly plug into my radio… or rather, why not a handset instead of a headset? Yeah, I know – problem solved.

While I was taking photos of my handset and radio, I just realized how I practically have a mountain of gear. I’m no gearwhore compared to some of the crazy geardo’s out there, but still… sweet.


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