Friendly Fire: Shooter Takes The Hit

Back during my time as an Op-For FM and Admin, we decided as a group to introduce a friendly fire rule used in some parts of the globe for various war games/survival games/milsim/Airsoft/paintball. This was discussed in length due to the large influx of brand new players the local Airsoft scene was seeing – many of which were not easy on the trigger and would start dumping full auto into anything that moved. The counter argument to the idea of implementing this was about “in the real world” – if you get shot, you would still be shot, no matter who shot you.

I find it interesting how much this simple friendly fire rule has really stuck with some players, and not with others. Like when a number of the players who were playing at that time have moved on from Op-For and are running other games at a variety of other organizations. Some of these leaders in the community still go with the “shooter takes the hit” rule. Others are still adamant that this rule shouldn’t be used, sometimes these other players are two leaders within the same group who change the rules on this from week to week, depending on who is explaining the rules and organizing the games for the day.

In my eyes, getting shot by a friendly still means you got shot. If you’ve been hit, you better freaking call it _ I’ve watched people whom I’ve flanked and shot in the back get hit, flinch, look around and not see me hiding and trying to kill them, shrug and presume that it was friendly fire, and keep playing. For example, I caught a BB this weekend between my shoulder blades that stung like a mother, when the only people behind me were two friendlies shooting over my head – there was not a doubt that that shot had originated from one of their muzzles. Irregardless, I called my hit and walked back to respawn while muttering about friendly fire and how my back hurt. One of them, upon hearing that it came from their direction, hurriedly blamed Dizzy (one of the two shooters), and told me that it must have been friendly fire – you’re not dead, go back to your spot and play.

I mean, that kind of defeats the purpose of playing a sport in which I dress up all military-like and pretend that I’m in some shit-hole country with people legitimately trying to kill me for a day.

The influx of new Airsoft players will only learn not to shoot friendlies in the back if we, the more seasoned players, actually teach them, and not just punish them for incidents involving friendly fire… I have yet to see a vet do this (take a new guy aside and explain how to tell friendly from foe after a friendly fire incident happens) in the 2 years that this rule has been around locally, once with a newbie who has shot someone on his/her team.

Just a thought on the way things are done nowadays in the local Airsoft community.


2 responses to “Friendly Fire: Shooter Takes The Hit

  • Joemetric

    LOL, I swear it was dizzy, I didn’t fire I shot yet.

  • Panda1

    I have been shot at by both teams, friendlies and op-for. I can say that I’ll expect Op-for and I’ll won’t freak but when it’s from friendlies it is not a pleasant surprise. Prime example, I was in a group of five people all behind a thin plywood as a barricade between both sides. After a short brief talk where to flank all I see multiple bb’s and fire from behind took out three of us and naturally this guy and I fired back and noticed after a split moment it was our teammates. So both of us ran to a different position yelling “F%$king friendly fire!” Of course it was a few new players but you know can’t really blame them for stupidity being big mass event (Welfest 2009)

    The only punishment for friendly fire would be to fire back because I’m not going to think who shot at me first as long I get to live and stay in the game that person will pay for the price.

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