Rhino NVG Arm (& Mount)

ACM clone “Rhino” night vision goggles arm for PASGT helmet mount fits…


… In a FMA NRT Universal Mount (clone of Norotos Universal NVG shroud) mounted to a MICH 2000.


Picture review (with captions) are as follows…

Arm flips up and down as it should.


Angle of NVG can be adjusted via this lever by a tiny few degrees, though it almost didn’t do anything before I started working it.


NVG could be moved forward or back via this lever. It wobbles a bit here and doesn’t lock in all the positions.


Arm attaches to mount by aligning the top tab into the slot, before locking the spring loaded detent into place. Removing the arm involves pressing the latch towards the left and rocking the arm up and out of the mount.


Trades are not great as the label (sticker) is already peeling off at the corners and was applied off centre.


But hey, at least the trades are there.


That being said, the quality of the Rhino NVG arm is not particularly great.


Hell, even the screws aren’t bolted in evenly.


At least… well, at least it looks cool.


This NVG “Rhino” Arm unfortunately doesn’t fit a Norotos 3-Hole clone or a Ops Core VAS Shroud clone with the current adaptor plate that is bolted onto the back of the arm – I know of clone adaptors for both styles of shrouds are available.

That being said, the fit of the arm on my Norotos Universal Shroud clone is amazing. If the finish wasn’t so terrible looking and feeling, I would have actually considered actually purchasing this (other than just testing it out).


Tell me your thoughts

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