PTS PDR-C – Internals Photo Review

As promised before, here are Kampfer’s photos.

These are re-posted (with permission) from Kampfer’s personal photo log of the internals of the PTS PDR-C. He didn’t do a standard photo review of the externals as you can more or less find that anywhere else. As a matter of fact, Kampfer was practically itching to take the PDR apart after holding the first one for a few seconds.

I’m pretty sure he was taking more photos earlier, so I’ll post them here as I get access to them.

Internally, he was pretty happy with the quality of parts, design and assembly – in fact, he did buy one for himself already. He noted that the hop up design is a little funky… I’m not entirely clear on what the issue is, but from what I can see, there’s a feeding tube integrated into the gearbox shell, which feeds into the hop up unit through the gearbox shell from your magazine; this means that you lose a few extra BBs than you usually do in most AEG hop up chamber designs.

If its good enough for respected tech, Mr. Jasper Tam, it is good enough for me.



2 responses to “PTS PDR-C – Internals Photo Review

  • Tristan "Goggles" Wong

    What’s the bucking like and the range? Those two things are the selling point for me–and what can you tell me about the battery space? I heard it was located in the pistol grip and that you had to get a certain type of battery for it to fit inside.

    • overhoppers

      Don’t know myself as I didn’t see it in person. Range… well, I guess we’ll find out when people start running them.

      Battery space – small compartment in pistol grip. Largest that will fit probably is Firefox 11.1V/7.4V 1100mah 15c LiPo battery (or smaller – e.g. some G&P or BOL batteries).

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