GTCE: Don’t Die

This is a little segment I’ll be doing for a little while – one liners for new players who are trying to become a better Airsoft player.

And so, without further ado, I present to you, Juicy’s guide to (Airsoft) combat effectiveness – part 1.

When I had started playing Airsoft for a month or two, I got shot all the time. I didn’t really get any kills, to compound that. I asked the advice of “Tatsu,” a player and tech (he was the first to show me how to open up V2 gearboxes). However, he gave me this cardinal rule that he played by – it made him combat effective.

Don’t die.

If you don’t get killed, you can still shoot. Avoid getting yourself into situations where you are guaranteed to get shot (though it is one heck of an adrenaline rush) – instead, find ways to minimize the risk of someone else getting a gun on you before you can eliminate them. This guideline doesn’t mean that you don’t call your hits – there is never an excuse for that, in the game of Airsoft that relies on a player’s honor to call their own hits. But rather you should master surviving first, and racking up those kills in firefights will surely follow as your skills as a shooter get better.



2 responses to “GTCE: Don’t Die

  • KiloFive

    “Don’t die.”
    Such a simple instruction which holds so much value.
    After reading this post, I’ve kept that basic rule (challenge) in my head for the airsoft games that followed. Granted, I’m not always successful in that regard, but it’s provided an excellent starting point for self-evaluation.
    After getting tagged, I head back to respawn reviewing the circumstances of my “death”. What could I have done differently to NOT die, and try not to make the same errors going forward.

    Looking forward to further posts in this GTCE series!

  • overhoppers

    I’m glad you’re enjoying this little stint.

    Yup, that’s pretty much the way that I interpreted “don’t die” as well.

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