Lid Update / Sordin ARC Rail Adapter Review

photo (21)

Couple of minor updates to my FAST helmet – main addition is the replica ARC rail adapters for my Sordins. These adapters accomplish several things:

  • They let people with giant noggins (ie, myself) wear Sordins with their helmet, because wearing Sordins with the headband under the helmet induces headaches
  • They make actual use of all that ARC rail space that people have but don’t really use
  • They give you +5 tacticool points.

Details, thoughts, and more pics after the break.

photo (22)

I picked up the ARC rail adapters for my Sordins in a recent Ehobby order, mainly because I actually wanted to use the Sordins I had spent so much money on. Up to this point they’ve been excellent at collecting dust, and that’s about it. I tried running them with the headband under my FAST helmet (and my MICH 2000), but thanks to my giant head, they ended up putting uncomfortable amounts of pressure on my noggin – headache inducing pressure, in fact. Damn my giant dome!

photo (24)

The adapters install fairly easily onto both the helmet and the Sordins, although separating the Sordins from their original headband setup took twenty minutes of effort and cursing. They install solidly onto the ARC rails, with no wobble whatsoever. I’m happy to report that they do an excellent job of keeping your headset in place and alleviating the pressure on your noggin. The Sordins kinda just float there, with the right amount of pressure on your ears. It’s not too tight, not too loose. You can obviously hear transmissions and whatnot through the Sordins, but there’s just enough slack to let you hear ambient noise around you.

The adapters also allow you to swing the Sordins forward and out of the way should you need to, which is useful for when you need to hear certain things; anyone who wears Sordins will tell you sometimes it’s easier to just use your ears instead of having to hear everything through the Sordins.

photo (23)

Overall I’m very happy with my lid and it’s pretty much done – the last thing I’m going to add to it in the near future is probably a Manta strobe replica, but that’s about it. I won’t be running NVGs or anything on it, so a counterweight pouch is unnecessary. Down the road I might think about adding a Contour HD mounted on the velcro and perhaps a Princeton Tec replica, though the Sordin adapters take up a lot of room on the rails and I might not have room for the latter. Oh well, we’ll see.

I guess even further down the road, I might wanna get a real FAST helmet. And maybe real Sordins.




12 responses to “Lid Update / Sordin ARC Rail Adapter Review

  • Southpaw

    Interesting, didn’t know they made ARC Rail adaptors for Sordins as well.

    And what about the AOR-1 kit? You said you’d go over it in detail by yesterday…

  • overhoppers

    Southpaw: The AOR1 kit overview will likely be delayed til early this week. I was able to borrow DXN’s LBT 6094a, so I’ve gotta take comparison pics between the LBT and the Flyye AOR1 (can’t afford legit AOR1 kit, at least not atm). Stay tuned.

  • Southpaw

    Alright no problem. It’s just bugging me that I can’t ID the bag…

  • UnionJackal

    Looks awesome. Would you be able to describe the removal of the Sordins from their headband and the fitting of the ARC adaptors? The items in the images look very much like the Sordins and adaptors I’ve got knocking around but have never got around to figuring how to fit them together in a way that won’t bork one component or the other.

    • overhoppers

      Hey UnionJackal, thanks for commenting and following the blog.

      As I mentioned in the review removal of the Sordins from the headband was a frustrating experience, as the wireframe on the headband that keeps the Sordins in place consists of a rather solid/un-flexible wire frame that wraps around the knobs on either side of the Sordins. This wire frame then attaches to the plastic headband. I ended up taking the pliers in my multitool and prying the wires off the Sordin knobs – you can see the scratches on the Sordins that speak to how difficult it was to get these off.

      Once you have the Sordins separated from the headband wire, all you need to do is attach them to the adaptors in the same way they were attached to the original headband – by wrapping the adaptor wire around the Sordin knobs. After that it’s just a matter of sliding them onto your ARC rails.

      If I really wanted to I could revert the Sordins back to their original state by removing the adaptors and re-using the wire frame, but this current setup is so comfortable I think I’ll keep them like this for the foreseeable future.

      Anyway, that’s it in a nutshell – let me know if you have any further questions or need more detail.


  • Obelix

    where did get the adapters from? As I see you can not adjust them like the peltor adapters so how do you adjust them to your ear position?

    • overhoppers

      Hi Obelix,

      I got the adapters from I was lucky enough to have the sordins fit right over my ear without any adjustments to the adapters out of the box, but there is some room for adjustment: the adaptors swing back and forth, but the wire pieces can also be lengthened by pulling or pushing on them. This lowers or raises the height of the adapter so it fits over your ear.

      Thanks for the visit, and let me know if you have any further questions. 🙂


  • M-2

    Hi dizzy,

    Very useful review. I got the same headset and adaptor today. Do you think I could keep using its original wire and attach it to the adaptor, instead of replacing with the wire of the adaptor?

    • dizzy

      Hey M-2,

      The adaptor wire is required for use with the adaptor, since it attaches to the adaptor in a specific way. The original wire that attaches to the headband attaches differently and is shaped differently, so I don’t think you’ll be able to use it with the adaptor.

      Thanks for the visit – let me know if you have any further questions 🙂


  • Justin

    Any tips on how to bend the wires around to make a secure fit? Mine seem to not want to bend.

    P.S. Use reverse needle nose pliers to remove the original metal band. Did it in 10 minutes pretty easily (helps to have 2 people.)

  • DJ Aiko

    How on Earth did you get the Sordin headband separated from the ear pieces? I’ve been trying for quite a while now, and I’m SO stressed about it.

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