First Impressions: Flyye 6094k + LBT AOR1 Comparison


Isn’t she pretty?

Above is a Flyye AOR1 6094k, which I picked up recently from the good folks at ehobbyasia as the first part of the 2010ish SEALs impression Fireteam Bro is currently building. I’ve always been a big fan of Flyye (second only to Pantac in replica gear quality, in my honest opinion) and LBT’s 6094 design, but seeing this particular rig on screen in Zero Dark Thirty pretty much sealed the deal for me. I had to have it.

First impressions of the rig, its features, and a close-up comparison with a legit LBT AOR1 6094 slick after the break.


As one would expect the 6094k follows the same general design as the more popular 6094a – the two plate carriers are held together via looped shoulder straps and a split cummerbund that meet at the front and secure via velcro. On the rear plate carrier is just enough MOLLE (seven channels wide in three rows, along with a smaller row of five channels near the bottom) to mount a hydration pack and perhaps breaching equipment. I’ll be keeping the back slick as I’ll mainly be running this rig with my Flyye Yote backpack (first impressions and review of that will follow soon).


The elastic cummerbund is actually sewn directly into the rear plate carrier as opposed to being connected to the other side via paracord in an internal pocket like the 6094a’s design. I was actually kind of disappointed to see this, as it meant that cummerbund length isn’t as adjustable as the 6094a’s design (wherein you can simply lengthen the internal paracord to loosen the cummerbund). That being said it’s really my fault for not doing more research on this point. The lack of adjustability means that larger lads might have trouble stretching the cummerbund enough to actually meet at the front. I’m not a small guy, so this means I have to stretch the elastic cummerbund a bit to reach the front velcro, but it’s not tight enough to be uncomfortable. I’m sure it may stretch a little more with regular use and thereby become more comfortable.


My favorite bit of the 6094k is in the layout of the upper half of the front plate carrier, seen above. There are actually two “admin” pouches there – one under the front flap (that I’m using to secure a tourniquet – thanks, Zero Dark Thirty, for that idea), and another slightly lower down where I’ve placed a couple of glowsticks. Either of these pockets could be used to store multitools, hop adjustment tools, pens/markers, documents and other small items. They’re not large enough to store BBs or a BB loader, but I’ll be running a pack with this rig anyway so I’ll be tossing those things in the pack. I’ve also stowed my PTT and medical shears in the conveniently placed MOLLE channels that flank the two main pockets.


Initially, I had my concerns about the lower half of the front plate carrier, and the three built-in M4 mag pouches. I usually tend to avoid rigs with fixed pouches because I like to move my pouches around (it’s something of a favorite pastime for me when I’m bored), but then I realized that if there were MOLLE on the front of this rig I’d probably toss three M4 mag pouches on there anyway. The pouches are relatively low cut, which I really liked, as this lets you get a nice beercan grip on the mag if you choose to reload that way. There is also velcro present inside the mag pouch, so that when you fold the flap into the pouch it stays put – nice touch.

Of note is the fact that there is one channel of MOLLE on either side of the three built-in mag pouches. I mounted a TMC (Flyye was sold out) pistol mag pouch on the left side as my sole extra pistol mag pouch (I don’t often run extra pistol mags as I find them unnecessary – I rely heavily on my primary and my secondary can go for weeks without being fired in-game), and will use the other channel for my radio (currently a Puxing 888, until I pick up a PRC-148 pouch in AOR1 to go on the back of the rig).

The mag pouches themselves are setup for two M4 mags per pouch for a total of six, but I find that this is a little bulky for this rig and I’ll probably just run three up front, plus one mag at my belt for 4 + 1. I have a total of 10 PMags, so I’ll toss the remainder in my pack.


Now for what we’ve all been waiting for – a comparison of the Flyye AOR1 with the legit AOR1. Above is a pic of the rig next to an LBT 6094 slick, on loan to me from fellow Fireteam Bro member DXN (thanks bro!). At first glance you may think the difference is striking, but I can tell you that the photo makes it look more significant than it actually is. At arms length, in normal lighting (and particularly if you don’t have the legit stuff to compare it to) the Flyye AOR1 is more than adequate.


Above is a closer comparison – the Flyye is on the right, and the LBT is on the left. The difference is definitely more apparent in this pic, with the Flyye having a slightly more reddish hue than the LBT, which is more subdued in appearance. Again, the difference is significantly less noticeable in real life and at further than arms length. I’m sure it’ll look fine on the field. That being said, if you’re a gear whore purist (and I’m sure some of you are) then you should probably take note of the above if you want the most authentic look possible.

DXN has also had the LBT 6094 for awhile now, so it’s possible that the difference in shade can be attributed to exposure to wind/rain/dirt. I’ll be sure to take more pics of the Flyye rig once I’ve gamed it a couple of times, and perhaps we can compare the two rigs again.

Overall I’m more than happy with the purchase and I’m definitely looking forward to gaming the rig for the first time on Sunday. The 6094k strikes me as being a good compromise between the super HSLD 6094 slick and the more traditional 6094a. It’s certainly meant to be HSLD, but has just enough MOLLE and compartments to carry what you need with you. As mentioned earlier I’ll be running this rig with a pack (a Flyye Yote, also in AOR1) so the lack of MOLLE room for pouches and such doesn’t really concern me.

I’m definitely going to pick up a Flyye 6094a if it ever comes back in stock at ehobby (it’s been sold out for awhile now). I love my CB 6094a to death and having the extra versatility of all that MOLLE (especially on the cummerbund) really appeals to me. The modular nature of the rigs means you can actually run a 6094k front plate with a 6094a back plate/cummerbund (similar to how their rigs were set up in Zero Dark Thirty) and vise versa… and I’m a huge fan of versatility.

(above: SEALs in Zero Dark Thirty wearing 6094s. The dude in the middle is rocking a 6094k front plate with a 6094a cummerbund – the guy to the right is running a full 6094a)

I’ll be honest about the build quality of the rig – I was slightly disappointed. The material feels a little thin and is slightly flimsier/thinner than my well-worn Pantac 6094a and definitely the legit LBT 6094 slick, but I must reiterate that this is just nitpicking and I’m sure the 6094k will stand up to the abuses of weekly airsofting just fine. I’ve owned plenty of Flyye products before and haven’t been disappointed, and I don’t see it being any different with this purchase.

As mentioned, I’ll game this rig with the Yote on Sunday, and will report back afterwards.



4 responses to “First Impressions: Flyye 6094k + LBT AOR1 Comparison

  • Southpaw

    Very nice. Almost everybody says it’s artificial light that makes the Flyye AOR-1 look more red/pinkish than the real stuff. What BDU will you be running with it? And it sucks I won’t be there to see it sunday, so please take a full kit pick!

  • GBV

    Can’t wait for Yote feedback… debating on buying one.

    Only other direct-attach backpack exposure I’ve had is the Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack, and it felt a bit small and not enough internal pockets/pouches…

  • GBV


  • Owen Rogers

    Is the Flyye 6094K front plate panel cut for ESAPI plates or Swimmer cut plates?

    Thanks in advance!

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