APS UAR – Internals Review

I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised with what I found upon opening the gun. Here we go, post #3 on the APS UAR AEG. All 115 pictures are after the break – I do invite you to take a look at these, though they may take a short while to load.

We were using the UAR on an extremely hot spring (probably M130 or M150) as a duster. It did go for a whole 3 minutes of extended bursts before the gun sounded like it had a jam. Kampfer got sort of distracted part way through fixing it and ended up asking me to do the gearbox work. Once again, a few screws were missing here and there, and the screw heads were obviously not brand new anymore – the UAR seen here may have very well been taken apart before.

As you can see in the pictures after the break, highlights to the design include M4 outer barrel, standard AK V3 gearbox (with quick change spring guide) and hop up unit with ambidextrous adjustment lever. The selector, trigger and magazine catch all work off of long control bars between the controls up front and the gearbox/magazine catch at the rear.

Mag catch tends to slip off the pin its sort of attached to when the gearbox isn’t inside the gun. Bolt stop on this UAR has stopped functioning – could probably be fixed by bending the V-shaped pot metal part attached to the butt pad.

The failure was caused by the cylinder head rubber pad coming loose from the cylinder head. It was initially glued on there, but came loose during the gearbox cycling, causing the rubber washer to end up being jammed through the cylinder head and causing the jamming noise.

Note that there was a nice thick coating of black grease over everything – including the hop up rubber and inner barrel. This probably is the cause of the absolutely terrible UAR grouping (at 10ft) I had previously filmed. Hop up rubber was torn, around the lip that seals against the air nozzle. A Plus Studios hop up rubber seems to fit and function (though I don’t have a shooting range to test the actual hop up effect), as it seems to feed without any issues on zero and full hop – the hop up mound also moves up and down when the hop up arm is adjusted for less or more hop.

Still, the UAR isn’t my cup of tea. I considered buying it to have a M4-magazine-compatible, PDW-sized bullpup as it has an AK gearbox and hop up inside, as well as the quick change spring guide – but it doesn’t look right to me. Sort of like how the PDR doesn’t work for me – it looks sort of cool, but I just can’t see myself actually fielding a gun like that. Ever.

I did consider buying it since I fixed it up and am now familiar with how to take it apart and put it back together. I definitely thought long and hard about it.


Want to read my early impressions of the UAR? They weren’t as good as they are now, but they’re here if you would like.

APS UAR #1: https://overhoppers.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/aps-urban-assault-rifle/

APS UAR #2: https://overhoppers.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/aps-uar-update/

Note, 115 pictures after the break. Highly unfriendly to 64K internet connections. My apologies, but they’re all pictures of the internals taken apart and depicting how everything works.

IMG254 IMG255 IMG256 IMG258 IMG260 IMG110 IMG111 IMG112 IMG113 IMG114 IMG115 IMG116 IMG117 IMG118 IMG130 IMG131 IMG132 IMG133 IMG134 IMG135 IMG136 IMG137 IMG139 IMG140 IMG144 IMG145 IMG146 IMG149 IMG151 IMG152 IMG153 IMG154 IMG156 IMG158 IMG159 IMG162 IMG163 IMG164 IMG165 IMG166 IMG167 IMG169 IMG170 IMG173 IMG174 IMG175 IMG176 IMG177 IMG178 IMG179 IMG180 IMG182 IMG183 IMG185 IMG186 IMG187 IMG188 IMG189 IMG191 IMG192 IMG194 IMG195 IMG197 IMG198 IMG199 IMG200 IMG201 IMG202 IMG203 IMG204 IMG205 IMG206 IMG207 IMG208 IMG209 IMG210 IMG211 IMG212 IMG213 IMG214 IMG215 IMG216 IMG217 IMG218 IMG222 IMG223 IMG224 IMG225 IMG226 IMG227 IMG228 IMG230 IMG231 IMG232 IMG233 IMG234 IMG235 IMG236 IMG237 IMG238 IMG239 IMG240 IMG241 IMG242 IMG243 IMG244 IMG245 IMG246 IMG247 IMG248 IMG249 IMG250 IMG251 IMG252 IMG253

17 responses to “APS UAR – Internals Review

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  • Degan Lyford

    hello can you pleese tell me what i will need to upgrade the uar to a m150 spring

    • juicy

      That’s a pretty general question. You could just upgrade a M150 spring and see if it breaks or not… but from there, it really depends what you want out of the UAR.

  • awwnuts

    What battery would you recommend for field use? I’m new to airsoft, but have been doing a lot of reading on it all. My style in paintball was never spray and pray, I’m patient with my shots. I do not need to be putting 500 RPM out of anything. I am looking for a battery that will last a while during play, with the occasional suppression burst.

    I am willing to get a peq box if needed to take a better battery.

    Good reviews by the way, I appreciate you taking your time to do it.

    • juicy

      What do you expect out of your UAR? How much shooting do you do? How much risk are you willing to take with higher voltage batteries?

      I hope you know that I’m not a source for you to ask for answers that you can look up yourself.

      • awwnuts

        “I hope you know that I’m not a source for you to ask for answers that you can look up yourself.”

        Nevermind. You’re one the worst kind of people to have a blog. I ask you a question and you reply with stupid crap. Do you not think I found your blog article by doing research in the first place? And if I had found the information I was looking for, I would asked in the first place? GET REAL! Also, do you not think that good resourceful Q&A in your comments doesn’t boost your article? Get off the internet or L2blog….

      • juicy

        I suggest you read the questions I initially responded to you, those will narrow down what type of battery you’re willing to take a risk on – every gun will break, it just depends how long it takes until then.

        If you would prefer a smart answer, ask a smart question next time.

      • awwnuts

        “If you would prefer a smart answer, ask a smart question.

        If you read the article carefully, I do not own this gun. This gun is something I worked on while on the hour at work. I currently don’t even have access to one to test things like batteries in anymore.” <<< I don't know what you have access to, because I am not you. To assume that I know these things and conclude that I should know better than to ask questions like those is foolish.

        If you think that is a non-smart question, then I guess I've come to the wrong place. Last I checked, people do reviews to help people out. Not to act like its a hindrance when the people respond.

        I'll just contact airsplat.com and see what they suggest. Maybe they won't treat me like an idiot for asking an innocent question.

      • juicy

        I do reviews like this to share my findings and knowledge. This is my personal blog, not a nation-wide discussion forum – so yes, you have come to the wrong place to ask questions about what battery to buy.

        My job pays me to sell Airsoft products and that’s how I make my living, so if you want me to walk you through the steps in selecting a battery, pay me. If not, go talk to Airsplat; since you’re buying a battery from them, they are the ones that you should be asking.

        I owe you nothing.

  • Jareth stephens

    Mine i haveing problums to

    Umm if u could help me reassemble my aps uar gearbox. Email me please

    My trigger is slipping so i opeaned the gearbox and idk what to do. Could u help me ?

  • rifleman

    Do you think you would be able to fit in a bigger outer barrel in without too much effort? such as an 16 inch spr barrel?

  • CCor

    Hey Juicy, I’m looking to do a project with the UAR, but I wanted to check some of the dimensions of the rear stock part of the gun. i.e. the face of the gun that contacts the shoulder when shooting. If you still have the uar would you mind telling me the width (left to right looking down the gun) and height (top to bottom) of the rear stock part? From that I can extrapolate the remaining dimensions of the gun by pixel counting.
    I just need to know if there is enough room in there before buying (as my funds are currently limited, and I don’t want to buy it if it doesn’t work for my project).
    I only ask cause it seems like you are very thorough in your review and it seems like the kind of thing you might be able to help answer.

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