GTCE: Shoot At What You Can Hit

This is a continuation of Juicy’s guide to (Airsoft) combat effectiveness here in part 3. Today’s one liner for new player self-improvement is as follows:

I see this on a daily basis when I play with first time players; anything that they see they assume that they can hit. Airsoft guns simply don’t shoot as far as a real gun. Don’t shoot at everything you can see. Judge your range to your target, then evaluate whether or not your gun is capable of reaching that far. You can’t always hit what you can see, instead:

Shoot at what you can hit.

For those who have played more than once, you may have already learned there are many factors that may prevent your BB from going to where it should land. Foliage, wind, improper zero and hop up adjustments, shooter’s skill and stability, as well as inconsistencies within your gun and within your ammo – all of these (and more) can change where your BB actually lands as compared to where your sight may be pointing.


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