Geargasm: Pantac Low-Pitched Waist Pack, aka, the Fanny Pack

The above picture is probably one of my favorite MARSOC reference pictures of all time. There’s so much badassery going on in that picture that the English language is actually incapable of capturing it all – it’s been proven by science. For the purposes of this blog entry, however, I will draw your attention to the fact that the ass-kicker above is wearing a low-pitched waist pack – aka, a fanny pack.

If this dude can get away with wearing one, well, you can too.

Thoughts on my Pantac low-pitched waist pack  fanny pack, after the break.


Let’s face it – the fanny pack has long been a fashion faux-pas, having long been the sole domain of seventy year old retirees on vacation in Florida. Hardcore (wannabe) ass-kickers like us wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of these things in public, right? I must admit, when Juicy and Jester started wearing one as part of our MARSOC impression, I was a little hesitant to follow their lead. Look at it! It’s a goddamn fanny pack. A fanny pack! Nothing should have the word “fanny” in it and expect to be taken seriously.

But I eventually took the plunge and picked one up. I wore a fanny pack, and I liked it.


The primary function of the fanny pack on the field is to provide you with a handy place to carry all of the little knicknacks and paddywhacks that we all take with us onto the field, all in an easy to access, convenient place: above your crotch. Yeah. Not only does this thing carry all our stuff, it protects our most important of possessions from painful BB impacts.

As you can see in the above picture, I use my fanny pack to carry my car keys, multitool, miscellaneous hop adjustment tools, cell phone, and extra lipos. Not pictured are things like granola/energy bars, tissues, goggle de-fog wipes, hard warmers, band-aids, colored electrical tape for marking teams, and other miscellaneous small items that I like to have close at hand.


As you can see, there’s plenty of room in that main compartment for a ton of stuff. I could carry BBs and a loader in there, but I find that stuff is a bit too heavy to carry on my waist and I’ll usually toss it into a GP pouch on my rig/backpack. The fanny pack is really only for the small essential tools that you don’t necessarily want to spend time digging into a GP pouch for. Everything is close at hand, and the multiple compartments mean you can find what you want and need quickly and easily.

Being Pantac, the build quality is top notch, with solid stitching and well-made zippers (the little pull-tabs on the zippers are a nice touch). The buckle is big and sturdy and made of solid plastic.

In short, the next time you see someone rocking a fanny pack on the field, don’t be so quick to mock them. The fact is, the fanny pack is super useful. Also, that dude’s got extra crotch protection. Who would turn that down?



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