Ugly? Yes. But yet… don’t those controls look just like those on a MP7?

I found this out today from my coworker/tech at work who is personal friends with James from WE:

WE will be releasing a MP7 body kit for their upcoming SMG8 GBB. The MP7  body kit will have trades and will be to 1:1 scale, unlike the slightly-smaller TM MP7 design, on which it’s internals are (loosely) based off of.

I do have to say that I’ve been actually rather impressed with the more recent WE GBB releases that I’ve seen – XDM, G18C Gen 4, M&P (with minor work required), etc. I know first gen WE is probably going to be crap as they generally are, but hey – my workplace has the full support of WE, so I can easily acquire whatever parts I may need to modify or replace. For the price of a WE… I’m very excited!

I intend to get my mitts on one of these “SMG8” and MP7 kit the moment they come in at work as I was also informed of a fairly major hiccup in one of the major GBB MP7 manufacturers production (though I’m not allowed to say any more than that)… in brief, I’m unlikely going to be able to get myself a KWA MP7 and/or mags and/or factory parts.

I guess its time to wait to see what the WE SMG8 internals have to offer with the WE MP7 conversion.


Note: photo and video are entirely not mine; they come from the link below.



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