GTCE: Be Comfortable (In Your Kit)

More thoughts on how to bump up your kill-death-ratio in Airsoft games; this is my “Guide To (Airsoft) Combat Effectiveness” – part 4.

Don’t wear what doesn’t fit – it’ll only hinder you. Don’t carry an entire armory and then some – it’ll only weigh you down. Do practice movement, shooting, etc. in your gear – either on the field, or off the field. Do position frequently used pouches in places you can easily reach – or train to learn where to reach for mags if you have a static rig. Do position all your pouches in places you can reach on your own – if you can’t reach it, why carry it?

Be comfortable in your kit.

Comfortable boots are a must. Safe eyepro that doesn’t fog is a must. Thread MOLLE properly to allow more secure, lower-profile, flop-free attachment of pouches. Try to minimize the noise caused by your kit – squeaking droplegs or rattling BB’s are a dead giveaway.


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