Geargasm: Raven Concealment Systems Moduloader Frames

How the hell did I miss this?

(Above picture from Soldier Systems Blog)

Drop and offset/subload polymer frame designed for mounting HSGI Taco pouches.

More pics from Soldier Systems and RCS and some of my thoughts on the Frames after the break.

However… Raven Concealment Systems designed their Moduloader Frames specifically for the HSGI Taco, meaning that other pouches probably won’t fit (as per Soldier Systems Blog, here).

(Above picture comes directly from Raven Concealment)

This looks like a good solution that allows you to wear your HSGI Taco low enough to clear bulky plate carriers, without having to use floppy drop leg rigs that reduce your mobility and snag on anything you walk past.

(Above picture from Soldier Systems Blog)

As per RCS’s product description, the design allows for adjustable mounting height (see picture below from Raven Concealment).

Available for purchase in different numbers of “fingers,” as RCS calls them, this allows for different mixes of various HSGI Taco pouches to be mounted to an individual Moduloader. This model starts at $24.99 USD, click here for purchase of the RCS subload model of the Moduloader direct from RCS. The number of “fingers” required for various Taco configurations is listed on RCS’s product listings for their different Moduloader models.

Also available for purchase in a Modular Base version, this one allows you to use various OWB loops. This model starts at $19.99 USD, see this link to the RCS Moduloader – Modular Base for purchase direct from RCS. I guess this means that you could actually bolt on some sort of MOLLE-attachment that would allow your setup of HSGI Taco pouches mounted onto a Moduloader to be quickly removed and repositioned, or even moved to another rig.

Do want.

Need more HSGI Taco pouches for rifle mags, first. Then this RCS solution. Gah, spending money on cool things I want and don’t need never ends.


2 responses to “Geargasm: Raven Concealment Systems Moduloader Frames

  • diceatteamrangersdotcom

    Looks like a lot easier install than the malice clip method. Nice find!

    • overhoppers

      Thanks, Dice! I don’t find the Malice clips aren’t THAT bad, especially if you’re using them as a dedicated belt loop or leave them attached for the long term – I do both of these with my Taco’s. For me, its more just about having that subload height without having to run a drop leg platform, just like a drop-and-offset holster.

      Team Rangers has a website coming soon, I see? Cool!

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