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photo (34)If there’s one thing I learned from running AOR1 this past Sunday at Bellator Entertainment’s game day, it’s that AOR1 is horribly, horribly ineffective right now given how green everything is; I think the above picture illustrates that nicely.

But boy, did I look awesome. Look – even Dirt (in the background) approves.

Kitlist (haven’t done one of those in awhile) and general comments after the break.

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For those of you who don’t know, I buy a lot of Airsoft stuff. I write quite a bit about things that I’ve bought that work really well – these meet or exceed my expectations. I often forget to write about the things that I buy that don’t work well – and there are a ton of these. Here are some of the highlights of the duds that I’ve picked up since starting Overhoppers:

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Helmet Cam Footage: BE (28/04/2013)

Windows Movie Maker just hates me. I’ll get back around to adding all those little thought bubbles when I’ve got other footage to work with that will actually not overload my (outdated) computer & Movie Maker when processing it all.

In the meantime… raw footage for you guys from the Bellator Entertainment Game Day on Sunday, April 28. These don’t need nearly as much explaining, anyway. Lots of shooting involved.

Attack the Castle

Brohomies & Mortar!

VIP Capture

And this one, just because we’re cool like that…

Hi Dirt!

In-Game Review: Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade

MILSIG recently brought in a couple hundred of these Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenades. Dizzy and I both picked up a handful or two and used most of ours during the last night game – smoke grenades work surprisingly well at night.

The following is the raw video clip that my Contour captured… featuring Dizzy demonstrating how to use an Enola Gaye Wire Pull Smoke Grenade in purple.

The “wire pull” on the smoke grenade means ease of use, especially while under fire – you simply pop the protective plastic cap off (in this case, Dizzy had already removed or lost it), grab the wire pull loop, and rip it off to the side. The Enola Gaye smokes are “cold burning” meaning that they will burn at a colder temperature that is less likely to burn your hand or set foliage on fire. These are available in a variety of colours, but the only one we had on hand at the time was a purple one. At this affordable price, neither of us could say no to buying these… or rather a few of these.

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Review: G-Code XST Holster & DLS Leg Panel

I’ve been reading about and watching videos on the more recent G-Code holsters lately. Lots of hype. I like holsters and I like Kydex, so it was only natural for me to grab a used one when once-local player “PriarieChicken” put his XST holster & DLS panel up for sale.


The G-Code XST holster you see here is for a full size 1911 without rail, and is finished in the coyote tan option. Attached is the G-Code DLS (drop leg single) leg panel with single leg strap, also in coyote tan.

More photos, features and my thoughts on these are after the break.

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Video: WE M&P Full-Auto Fix

As mentioned in the comments of my previous (but brief) WE M&P Fix article, I did a video of me explaining and completing the modification. Here it is:

Some minor said mix ups with various technical terms (E.G. screw that secures the sear, but I ended up calling it a spring) but that’s the gist of it.

Credits go to Antares for filming, and Jester for the background music & other noises. Loving the 90’s R&B grooves.

Gun was once mine, now a gift to Jester (I use this gun to test potential WE M&P mods)… one of which is a hop up arm mod which is supposedly working great in Jester’s gun to allow for some adjustments rather than the none prior to the fix – more on that to come in another video at a later date.

Part 1 – Review

Part 2 – Issues

Part 3 – Fix

Part 4 – Full-Auto Fix Video (you’re here)

Edit: For those of you who are going to comment asking if it works or not – yes, doing this mod works to fix the full auto or burst fire problem. I’ve seen another “fix” proposed on YouTube that involves bending the trigger bar (as some unnamed retailer suggested), though I’m not quite sure how this would actually fix the full-auto problem; it would fix the hammer dropping when trigger is depressed on a locked-back slide, though. The uncontrollable full auto is caused by the sear being unable to catch the hammer as the slide cycles back and forth – this can also be induced in other guns while doing trigger jobs… and has nothing to do with the trigger bar.

Edit: More to come on hop up mod. Other hop up mods seen on YouTube don’t work to solve the problem to make hop up adjustment as smooth as it should be – I can confirm this with the 3 WE M&P’s I’ve attempted to do this with thus far. Removal of the small O-ring serving to create tension on the hop up adjustment wheel temporarily alleviates some of the resistance to turning the wheel, though is a non-ideal solution as this may result in the hop up setting de-adjusting over time. Grinding the hop up arm in a different spot has limited success, though I’m still working through figuring out if it works or not yet… I’m not convinced its working as well as it should be, despite what Jester’s feedback has been thus far. I’ll test it when I’m at the field this weekend. Probably will result in me having to remove more material than I had initially thought.

Glock hop up chamber modified to fit (as recommended as a potential fix by a YouTuber) + TM-spec inner barrel + TM-spec hop up rubber would probably be ideal (stock WE M&P uses a different cut barrel and hop up rubber but is compatible with TM sized parts). However, I currently don’t have a spare Glock hop up chamber on hand to try/test this.

Part 1 – Review

Part 2 – Update

Part 3 – Full-Auto Fix

Part 4 – Full-Auto Fix Video

Part 5 – Work-In-Progress Hop Up Fix (not the most current info I have)

Part 6 – Working M&P Compact Hop Up!

Part 7 – WE M&P Hop Up Fix Part 2 (this is the most up-to-date fix I know of)


FCC Colt PTW Lower Receiver

photo (28)I’ve always liked the lower that I bought with my PTW. The previous owner (Ali, I love you buddy) laser engraved Haley Strategic’s logo on the lower receiver above the magwell, and it gave the gun a unique and distinctive look that turned heads and got many a compliment.

But it was also the only non-kosher (read: non government issue) item on my PTW. It always looked a little odd in pics when I’m in full impression gear and there’s a dragonfly lasered on my gun. I’ll miss it, and it was ridiculously cool, but it had to go.

When an FCC Colt lower receiver became available locally (thanks, Drift!) I decided to jump at the chance. Overview and more pics after the break.

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