New stuff available on the market

Airsoft Systems Smart Control Unit for Ver. 2 Gearbox (Gen.3) with Hop Up Chamber Empty Magazine Detection for M4 Series

Available on Redwolf for $155.00 USD.

New version of the Airsoft Systems ASCU for V2 gearboxes and it comes with a new design Airsoft Systems Hop Up Chamber for M4 AEG – both work together to prevent dry firing in AEGs, until the bolt stop paddle is depressed. Very cool.

Other than that, the standard fancy MOSFET features of various fire selector programs, active braking to stop the gears/piston/spring at the same point every time (“cycle completion”), full LiPo/LiFe/NiMh/NiCd battery compatibility.

Photo below is not mine, its copied and pasted from Redwolf’s product page.

The ASCU that I’ve seen fielded worked far better and more reliably than other advanced MOSFET units with fancy features and that replaced the mechanical switch assembly (the name of the one I’ve seen in use a lot locally escapes me at the moment – those tended to break quickly)… Microswitch click with every trigger pull is kinda fun to play with, as is the much faster trigger response. The only thing that I didn’t like about the Gen 2 ASCU was that you had an extra chip that you had to fit somewhere else, outside the gearbox – this Gen 3 doesn’t have that now.

Kinda nice that they include the parts that you would have otherwise had to mod to work with the ASCU or other designs of switch-assembly-replacing MOSFETs – with that other design that I can’t remember the name of, if you screwed up modding a part like your selector plate, you wouldn’t get the normal functionality out of your fire selector (which sucked). Having all those parts pre-made and included with this ASCU Gen 3 makes that much easier.

The hop up chamber is a new design too – it appears to use a lever similar to those that you would find in an AK hop up chamber. Theoretically that should work great – but aftermarket drum-style hop up chambers that have been previously produced for M4 AEGs often left something to be desired. I haven’t personally installed or owned any Airsoft Systems products, but from occasional use of a friend or two’s guns with an ASCU installed (“PinoY,” I’m talking about you, if you’re still into all this Airsoft stuff), Airsoft Systems knows what they’re doing and seem to do a good job of making things work the way they should. I have pretty high hopes for the Airsoft Systems Hop Up Chamber, with that in mind. Note that this hop up chamber is available for purchase separately from Redwolf for $24.00 USD, and this one that is available separately doesn’t have the slot cut for the hop up chamber feed tube monitoring system found in the ASCU Gen 3 package.

Picture below of the Airsoft Systems Hop Up Chamber isn’t mine, either. It also was cut-and-paste from Redwolf.

Also, I noticed this is something that Airsoft GI has been mentioning lately…

KWA 21rd magazine for the KWA 1911 Mk I/II/III/IV GBB series of pistols

Double stack BB capacity in a formerly single stack 14rd KWA-specific mag for the KWA 1911 PTP series… pretty cool. The fact that it includes a bunch of parts that look like they need to be installed to replace existing parts in whatever model of KWA 1911 PTP that you’ve got… not cool.

They’re available from Airsoft GI for pre-order at $41.95 USD.

Though in my experience with testing, fixing, and shooting other people’s KWA Mk I/II/III/IV PTP GBB’s… they don’t usually cycle through many more rounds than the already-existing 14rd single stack mags even in the warmest weather we get here in the Lower Mainland of BC. Even though it has a NS2 gas system, it doesn’t put out a ton of shots in these guns, since its relying on the tiny gas capacity inside the slim magazine – not ideal for winter-time shooting.

Oh, and its for a KWA gun. I don’t really like KWA that much, in case you didn’t know this already (too many small parts that are made from shit metal in their GBB pistols and horrendously effective marketing that has created a vast army of hardcore KWA fanboys that shit on Tokyo Marui with a passion. Did I mention that I think that TM pistols are still the best in terms of performance in game or as upgrade platforms?).

Though… their mags are very reliable in terms of not leaking. Dizzy can try them out and see what happens!



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