Latest Acquisition: Head Gear

So, with Dizzy, DXN, and Jester (Loops will join in too… eventually) of Fireteam Bro heading towards NSW/Navy SEAL stuff, I guess I have to start building a kit to match.

Here’s my WIP lid for a 2010+ SEAL kit.


  • MICH 2001 replica
  • Manta Strobe replica
  • Wilcox L2 replica

Still need to purchase and install an Ops-Core H-Nape strap assembly (or a replica, I’ve had good experiences thus far with the 2 clones I own already).

Not pictured is the Smith Optics Boogie Regulators I picked up BNIB from “Southpaw” a few days ago. I probably lost the Arena Flakjaks I’ve been using until now, so I was looking into extreme lowpro ballisitic-rated goggles (lower profile that I found when using ballistic glasses up until now at the Tsawwassen and Ambush fields means I can actually get proper eye relief from China-made replica ACOGs and magnifiers). I ended up going with the Smith Boogie Regulators namely because Revision Exoshield’s don’t currently come in an Asian fit model and don’t have any integrated vent system – the Boogie Regulators offer both of these options, though it comes with a head strap that I really don’t like (personal preference).

I’m considering a replica Princeton MPLS (… unless I manage to find one next time I’m in the States). And I’ll probably do a coat of FDE paint over everything once I’ve gotten all the bits into the correct spots, as the colour on the repro MICH itself is a little too light for my liking right now.


Reference pics from Silent Professional’s blog after the break.

Reference pics:

I guess Navy SEALs see the merit in lowpro eyepro too:

The Princeton MPLS looks really cool on this NSW operator’s helmet:


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