Newly Released: Umarex VFC UMP GBB

Huh. I wasn’t even aware that this was nearing release till I saw eHobby Asia put up a video about it.

Lots of kick, that’s for sure…

… and lots of cool down even in Taiwan’s summer.

But, the actual reliability of a VFC-designed GBB SMG is yet to be proven (the top-rated comments on YouTube for the second video reflect this).

VFC did release a MP5 GBB before and let me tell you – even though it felt good and looked good, it was shit. I had the opportunity to unbox one, fiddle with it, and shoot it at my previous job. That was about 10% of my experience with it – the other 90% of my experience with the VFC MP5 was attempting to maintain it for product demo’ing with a leaky mag out of the box. Due to its high price point and questionable shooting performance, the one that was for sale never sold in working condition. It pretty much broke down and was purchased by a collector as a wall hanger eventually.



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