Airsoft vs. Everyday Life

I’ve been doing some shopping lately, and offered to grab some things for Dizzy. An order from Airsoft Global in Hong Kong and a trip to DS Tactical later, and the following (abbreviated) conversation via SMS text messaging occurs between Dizzy and I:

How about I give you the [PTW] mags and we call it even? Just a thought. I can always pay you for the stuff.

Up to you. That’s an option, though. […] I’ll think about it and let you know.

No worries buddy, I can just pay you for the stuff. […] I can EMT [the money] you immediately.

Still thinking about PTW mags – don’t send me money yet.

Some time later…

Yeah, I’ll take the mags. Mostly because I totally win on that deal.

No shit you win on that deal! Haha. So the mags for the [stuff]?

Yeah. […] You know, I really should have taken cash to buy more furniture [as I just moved to a new place], but that deal was just too good to say no.

You’re a single guy, you don’t need furniture.

Haha, Airsoft vs. real life – Airsoft wins again.

Damn you, Dizzy! Damn you, Airsoft!!!



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