Review: Smith Optics Boogie Regulator Goggles

Speaking of latest acquisitions… I’ve got a whole pile of stuff I’ve been wanting to write about over the past few days.


I got these from “Southpaw” – Smith Optics Boogie Regulator goggles.

When I look at “low profile” or “NVG profile” goggles now, I have a hard time keeping a straight face. These are stupid low profile… like as low if not lower than my Revision Sawfly (Canadian Forces version) Asian Fit ballistic glasses. I mean, these are basically a one-piece Smith lens with some foam around the corners and two holes drilled on either side for a head strap to slip through. That being said, these features make for a very lightweight and thus comfortable goggle.


One problem with running such a low profile – excess heat and humidity doesn’t have anywhere to go. That’s where Smith’s Regulator comes in – this is also the reason why I didn’t even consider the Revision Exoshield. The Regulator is basically a ventilation system consisting of a few tiny holes drilled into the upper portion of the lens, but with a small sliding shield that can be opened to let air through or closed to keep dust out. Toggle open and closed by the little sliders on the right and left upper corners of the front face of the lens (closed is shown in the picture below). Great idea, that’s for sure.


Seems to work pretty well thus far, I did have a significant amount of fog build up while face down in the mud last weekend – it was so bad that I decided to swap goggles before the LMAG “Mil-Sim” (as they called it, but that’s a whole other story that I’m not going to get into) started for the day. I’ll try these out again over this weekend and see how they do. Regular wearing and usage = no fogging with the Regulator open (open as pictured below in the out-of-focus picture – sorry). Don’t know what happens if I start huffing it, though I guess I’ll find out as early as tonight during a night-time scenario.


Only thing I don’t like – the head strap. It reminds me of the number one thing I hated about swimming lessons – the goggles. The rubber straps on cheap swimming goggles drove me crazy with how uncomfortable they were, and the head strap on the Smith Boogie Reg’s is not that much different.


Adjustments are done on either side, but doing so is tedious and is best done off the field with the goggles off your head. I’m running the adjustments pretty close to the end right now, and it seems to fit my 7-1/2″ hat size head, complete with flat Asian face fairly well. I don’t know how well those with larger noggins (Dizzy, I mean you) will fair if they try to fit the head strap to their head size.


The Boogie Reg’s that I’ve got are the Asian Fit model and are equipped with the Ignitor lens. Note that the lens is a whole unit and thus is not “replaceable” like you find in other goggles with separate frames/lenses. Pretty much a red hue, seems to work very well in cloudy and partly cloudy conditions – high contrast like yellow lenses, but not quite so high that it gives me a headache (like with yellow lenses). I would assume that sunny conditions would be good too. However, trying to see in near-dark situations is hairy at best; with all the lights off in my apartment at night I can’t see anything through these, except for the ambient light coming through my windows.

15/04/2013 The following notes are with my findings on the field.

As I discovered on Sunday, I do indeed fog when not moving around (as “Tak” also found with his own, see comments below). That being said, the vents do work somewhat, but they’re a little too small to be entirely effective unless you’re moving or are facing a gust of wind. I’ll probably be attempting to enlarge the vents with a slightly larger drill bit myself – but nothing big enough for a BB to possibly squeeze through.

The Ignitor lens is great – even in bright sunlight, my eyes weren’t nearly as fatigued as they would normally be, and I was able to see a little better thanks to the slightly enhanced contrast. To be honest, I’ve actually driven around wearing these, namely a few weekends ago immediately after I picked them up and was planning to play Airsoft with them the next day; the lens works great in any daylight conditions (overcast, sunny, etc).


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