Apr 13 Night Sim – Fireteam Bro Loadouts

photo (26)(L to R: Juicy, DXN, me, Jester, Loops. Rear: epic background)

For the first time ever, FTB was out in full force at last night’s ASG night game. Those of us with AOR2 rocked it, while Juicy went with a multicam setup and Loops rocked a UK-inspired setup.

General gear-related thoughts:

  • I carried only 8 mags overall (6 in my 6094k +1 in the gun, and one extra mag in my Yote), and this was more than enough for the entirety of the game – I think I only used three mags overall, mostly on cover fire. Granted, we weren’t part of the main assault as we assumed recce and PJ duties, so perhaps that’s why I didn’t expend as much ammo.
  • I want to get a radio pouch for my 6094k, but don’t have much room up front and I want to keep the rear slick for my Yote. Perhaps “wingman” pouches from Ferro Concepts are the answer…
  • AOR2 is amazing at night; I felt super safe even behind soft cover because I knew spotting me in the darkness would be difficult so long as I didn’t move.
  • I need waterproof boots. My 5.11s are comfortable enough in dry conditions, but are about as water repellent as a paper towel.
  • My new neckband Sordins (overview coming soon… perhaps) were great. They are essentially the same as my previous pair of Sordins, but the neckband means you can wear them comfortably under a helmet. This allowed me to ditch the ARC rail adaptors I was using for my Sordins, which in turn frees up the ARC rail space for a Princeton Tec helmet light and perhaps a Contour…
  • I still need a Manta strobe for my FAST helmet. Can anyone suggest a replica? The Element ones are a little too big.

All in all, an amazing night of airsoft with some epic moments – it was probably one of the best sims I’ve ever played in. Full credit to Jester and DXN, who had a large part in planning the sim, and of course to Bellator Entertainment for putting the whole thing together.

Off I go to spend more money on airsoft…



2 responses to “Apr 13 Night Sim – Fireteam Bro Loadouts

  • Southpaw

    FMA makes the best Manta replica, in my opinion. but theirs are also the hardest to find… Ebay probably has them though.

  • overhoppers

    Not to mention that the Element ones have been known to fall apart. Mine just split from the base at the end of today’s games – so two gaming sessions with it before it broke in two.

    If I recall correctly, I’ve seen a pic or two on Facebook of people’s Element Manta Strobes breaking in the same spot – I’m not sure if the FMA will hold up any better, but it does depend on the quality of the plastic.


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