Photo Dump

Turns out I had a whole bunch of photos saved on my phone that have probably had on there way too long and forgot about. There is pretty much no point to this post other than me wanting to post these photos that I’ve been saving for no reason at all. Bear with me, if you want (I won’t be offended if you don’t).

Magpul PDR-C AEG (by PTS). This was the day they arrived at work – that was a while ago, now. 18-picture photo slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I overspent… again – but let’s just write this one off as a fairly large gift bundle to myself, yeah? … Please just smile and nod.


My Element repro Manta Strobe, post-night game weekend. Broke in the same spot that someone else mentioned (locally) – pretty sure it was “Driftinsti.” I’ve since glued mine back together and will be dummy cording the two halves together and onto my helmet. Lasted 2 days worth of gaming – not the best quality.


Its happening… Contour ROAM 2 – thanks Mom!


Little bit of coercing to/from Eddie at DS Tactical, and I ended up taking home a few more goodies – including this Contour Vented Helmet Mount. Some arm twisting later, and I do foresee some video footage coming to Overhoppers very soon.


I told my bosses that I’d definitely buy this for $0. They laughed and thought that I was joking. No joke, I was completely serious.



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