Overhoppers 2.0

Hello! My name is Juicy.

After discussing this for a week or two with Dizzy, we’ve both created separate users to write under. Not only will help to clarify the author of future articles, this will also allow for continued expansion and collaboration with other contributing authors (yup, we’re working on the latter).

We’re getting bigger.

Overhoppers Blog has global reach (i.e. re-posting or being linked to) as far as Japan and Spain. We actually had my APS UAR Internals Review post linked from Moondog’s APS UAR review on Popular Airsoft. Not to mention that Dizzy’s HK416A5 post is actually one of the references for the Wikipedia page on the Heckler & Koch HK416.

I’m pretty excited about this. All of this.

And you know what? Its all thanks to you guys. Without you reading our content on Overhoppers, Dizzy and I would just be writing words to each other. Thanks for the continued support and thanks for all the views – we both love it when people tell us on or off the field, “I love your blog”.

On behalf of Dizzy and me,

We love you guys.


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