Helmet Cam Footage: LMAG (20/04/2013)

Here’s some footage I took with my Contour from the morning game with the LMAG club at Panther Paintball this past Saturday. You’ll see lots of player “PinoY” in the video clips I got from this game day – PinoY and I started playing around the same time and used to play together every week when we were teammates. He’s a deadly player and a real stand up guy – I always look forward to kicking butt with him next time we’re both out to play at the same field.

There is more footage from this Saturday game to come… after I finish editing and uploading it, some of which I was shooting and hitting targets that my new Contour ROAM2 couldn’t even see.

I ran my Systema PTW with a newly-installed MAG Curve Roller and had a blast shooting stupidly far. Read here for my review of the features and benefits that the MAG Curve Roller offers for PTW users.

Quick note: I started up “OverhoppersBlog” (a second YouTube channel) so that both Dizzy and I can upload videos to the same shared account. So yes, that channel is still us Overhoppers. And feel free to subscribe; we won’t mind =)


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