Intro to TAK

Hey everyone just wanted to quickly introduce myself.

My name’s Tak, I’ve been playing airsoft for just over two years now in the same communities as Dizzy and Juicy.

Over these past two years in airsoft I’ve acquired a lot of gear, for better or for worse. Some purchases paid off and are now part of my primary kit while others now collect dust in the back of my closet.

One thing is for sure is that airsoft is a process of trial and error. You pick up gear based on your kit ‘s needs and your personal wants, implement it and test it. Sometimes it fits the bill and meets your expectations, other times the gear falls short of what you wanted or simply just doesn’t fit your play style.

Either way word of mouth plays a big determining role in what works for you, which is why I’m stoked to get the opportunity to write for Overhoppers.

I’ve got a lot of gear to review and with more additions in the pipe you can expect a steady flow of info.



2 responses to “Intro to TAK

  • Frankie Ngo

    If some of your gear is just collecting dust, a good idea is to get rid of them to fund gear that suits your current needs. I’m currently trialing gear too, and would be interested if you showed me some of your stuff that you want to get rid of sometime.

    • tak

      That’s a good call, I’m actually already in the process of taking an inventory of what I’ll be parting with. At some point in the coming weeks I’ll be posting them up in the forum for sale.

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