Review: MAG Curve Roller for PTW

My PTW now works the way I always imagined it would. Beware of my gun.

Newest addition to my PTW? The MAG CNC Stainless Steel Curve Roller, a hop up cage upgrade for the Systema PTW.

I purchased my MAG Curve Roller from Airsoft Global – service at that store is consistently (just) okay. Not Ehobby fast, that’s for sure. Picture below is copied-and-pasted (without permission, of course!) directly from Airsoft Global’s product page for the MAG CNC Stainless Steel Curve Roller… hence the watermark.

Features & benefits include: (1) CNC steel construction means this precision-built hop up cage will not crack, bend or flex when adjusting hop up or shooting, yet will drop-in and fit properly with Systema-spec PTW barrels (unlike the Deep Fire steel cage), (2) curved hop roller (the part that actually puts hop up on the BB in a PTW) means increased consistency of the BB lining itself up right in the middle of the hop up roller and, (3) soft rubber material means good grip on the BB as it grabs the BB passing by, resulting in more hop up effect (extra rubber for the roller is included for user replacement when the softer material wears out).

Practically speaking, I saw a huge improvement in my PTW’s effective range. I could previously reach as far as I did on Saturday (maximum range remained the same), but I could not necessarily hit what I was shooting at within the first few shots. Definitely a worth-while upgrade to my blaster – this sealed the deal for me, as I wasn’t entirely convinced that my purchase was worth the long-range accuracy I was getting out of my PTW with the previous hop up mod (piece of wire sheath cut to upgrade the stock hop up roller rubber).


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