Video: WE M&P Full-Auto Fix

As mentioned in the comments of my previous (but brief) WE M&P Fix article, I did a video of me explaining and completing the modification. Here it is:

Some minor said mix ups with various technical terms (E.G. screw that secures the sear, but I ended up calling it a spring) but that’s the gist of it.

Credits go to Antares for filming, and Jester for the background music & other noises. Loving the 90’s R&B grooves.

Gun was once mine, now a gift to Jester (I use this gun to test potential WE M&P mods)… one of which is a hop up arm mod which is supposedly working great in Jester’s gun to allow for some adjustments rather than the none prior to the fix – more on that to come in another video at a later date.

Part 1 – Review

Part 2 – Issues

Part 3 – Fix

Part 4 – Full-Auto Fix Video (you’re here)

Edit: For those of you who are going to comment asking if it works or not – yes, doing this mod works to fix the full auto or burst fire problem. I’ve seen another “fix” proposed on YouTube that involves bending the trigger bar (as some unnamed retailer suggested), though I’m not quite sure how this would actually fix the full-auto problem; it would fix the hammer dropping when trigger is depressed on a locked-back slide, though. The uncontrollable full auto is caused by the sear being unable to catch the hammer as the slide cycles back and forth – this can also be induced in other guns while doing trigger jobs… and has nothing to do with the trigger bar.

Edit: More to come on hop up mod. Other hop up mods seen on YouTube don’t work to solve the problem to make hop up adjustment as smooth as it should be – I can confirm this with the 3 WE M&P’s I’ve attempted to do this with thus far. Removal of the small O-ring serving to create tension on the hop up adjustment wheel temporarily alleviates some of the resistance to turning the wheel, though is a non-ideal solution as this may result in the hop up setting de-adjusting over time. Grinding the hop up arm in a different spot has limited success, though I’m still working through figuring out if it works or not yet… I’m not convinced its working as well as it should be, despite what Jester’s feedback has been thus far. I’ll test it when I’m at the field this weekend. Probably will result in me having to remove more material than I had initially thought.

Glock hop up chamber modified to fit (as recommended as a potential fix by a YouTuber) + TM-spec inner barrel + TM-spec hop up rubber would probably be ideal (stock WE M&P uses a different cut barrel and hop up rubber but is compatible with TM sized parts). However, I currently don’t have a spare Glock hop up chamber on hand to try/test this.

Part 1 – Review

Part 2 – Update

Part 3 – Full-Auto Fix

Part 4 – Full-Auto Fix Video

Part 5 – Work-In-Progress Hop Up Fix (not the most current info I have)

Part 6 – Working M&P Compact Hop Up!

Part 7 – WE M&P Hop Up Fix Part 2 (this is the most up-to-date fix I know of)


5 responses to “Video: WE M&P Full-Auto Fix

  • gary

    Hi j

    I have auto fire and am slowly filing down to fix it.

    Problem I have is sometimes I can not get the slide off.

    Have you come across this. I believe holding trigger in helps but last filing the slide is not coming off at all.

    Any help would appreciated.

    • juicy

      Hi Gary,

      The reason why your slide will not come off is that the sear fails to catch the sear – when you rack the slide the hammer just returns forward with the slide. You simply cannot field strip gun without hammer being cocked.

      It helps to press downward (towards opening of magwell of the grip) when racking slide rearward – this can help the slide ride slightly lower on the slide rails. From the WE factory on the first production run of M&P, there was enough play between slide and slide rails mounted in the frame to magnify this sear issue.

      That is, presuming that your sear hasn’t excessively worn or any modification you have done hasn’t allowed the hammer to slip from the sear.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Juicy

        been trying for hours. I think I took too much off the sear.

        I can cock it by pushing down, pulling slide back and slowly bringing the slide forward. Works every time. With Slide in normal position it will not go forward. If I then fire the slide will then move forward 5-10 mm. then its stuck again. Maddening.

      • juicy

        As to the first half of that – you may still be able to save that sear, try filing it on a different angle and creating a flat engagement surface again.

        I’m not sure what the issue you’re describing is in the second half of your comment, though. Sorry I can’t help more than that, but I don’t understand what’s going on without more information.

  • gary

    First time airsoft gun. More fun fixing than playing at the moment!

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