photo (34)If there’s one thing I learned from running AOR1 this past Sunday at Bellator Entertainment’s game day, it’s that AOR1 is horribly, horribly ineffective right now given how green everything is; I think the above picture illustrates that nicely.

But boy, did I look awesome. Look – even Dirt (in the background) approves.

Kitlist (haven’t done one of those in awhile) and general comments after the break.


  • FAST Helmet (w/ V-lites, callsign and US flag patches – still need a Manta)
  • Z Tactical Neckband Sordins
  • Bolle replicas (need real ones, or Desert Locusts)

First Line:

  • Flyye Duty Belt (w/ Pantac mag dump pouch, 2x HSGI TACO, TMC Glock 17 holster)

Second Line:

  • Flyye 6094k (w/ TMC pistol mag pouch, assorted bits and bobs)

Third Line:

  • Flyye Yote Hydration Backpack


  • Allwin AOR1 Combat Shirt/Pants
  • shemagh
  • Oakley SI Pilot Gloves
  • Oakley SI Assault Boots (super comfy, but unfortunately not waterproof)


  • Systema PTW (w/ Iron Airsoft 416 upper, XPS holosight + magnifier, CTR, AFG, FCC internals)
  • TM Glock 17 (w/ flashlight/laser)

I continue to be impressed with the quality of the Allwin BDUs. I was pretty impressed when I picked up my AOR2, so picking up the AOR1 was a bit of a no brainer. The materials are quality and the stitching is solid. I don’t foresee this falling apart anytime soon, like  other  BDUs I’ve purchased. I’ll be sure to pick up the Allwin woodland and multicam sets when I get the chance; the AOR1 looks great but it’ll be way more effective in the fall/winter.

Said it before, I’ll say it again – 6094k + Yote combo is great. Absolutely love this setup. The only thing I’d add would be some shoulder pads on the 6094k (shoulders were pretty sore after the game with all that weight, especially on my right shoulder with the slung primary). I really want a Flyye 6094a, but I’ve realized it’s not really a necessity since the k does everything I need it to do.

My PTW performed very, very well. I was getting solid groupings and range with the stock hop-up/inner barrel, which is impressive for a CQB length gun. The TM Glock (yes, I know it’s not strictly kosher for SEALs, but whatevs) I bought off Jon shot pretty well when I shot it (which was after the game, when we were just fooling around – I almost never shoot my secondaries in-game). Wanna get a Blackhawk or similar holster for my KWA p226 to be a little more legit.

Overall, I’m happy with where I am with my gear. Fun day fooling around with the boys – what more can I ask for?



2 responses to “AOR1/SEALs Day!

  • Nate Opgenorth

    Love your loadouts man! Got this stuff bookmarked! As the airsoft season starts I get the loadout bug and usually end up spending $500 on gear haha….just one thing though; I love that 1st Special Service Force USA-Canada patch! I know its the predeccecer to the design of the US Army Special Operations Command patch…any significance of it on your loadouts? I like it, some people have a problem with airsofters wearing patches but I think as long as its not an SF/Ranger tab or something thats a skill badge its fine, I like to think your honoring members of a unit by wearing their logo as long as you don’t claim to be something else and don’t act like an idiot.

    • dizzy

      Hey Nate, thanks for visiting/following us!

      I totally understand about the airsoft bug… I don’t think I’ll ever really cure myself of it, lol.

      I wear the 1st SSF patch because I’m Canadian, and despite wearing SEALs kit I still wanted to show some Canadian pride in some way. I love the history of the unit as well, going back to what they did in WW2. Those guys were the original SF, before all this high speed stuff! lol.

      I completely agree with you about the patches. I wear the 1st SSF patch to honor the unit. I don’t wear tabs, skill badges or ranks that I haven’t earned because to do so would be disrespectful to those who’ve actually earned it in real life. It’s all about respect. 🙂

      Again, thanks for the visit – hope to hear more from you on this blog in the future!

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