For those of you who don’t know, I buy a lot of Airsoft stuff. I write quite a bit about things that I’ve bought that work really well – these meet or exceed my expectations. I often forget to write about the things that I buy that don’t work well – and there are a ton of these. Here are some of the highlights of the duds that I’ve picked up since starting Overhoppers:

TMC ARC Knee Pads (CB) – replaced these with legitimate Arc’teryx Knee Pads in Crocodile. Received these, got a good laugh out of them, and then Ali from DS Tactical took them to work and sent them over to Arc’teryx who also had a good laugh out of them (clones mean that their stuff is popular). The TMC pads weren’t contoured like the Arc’teryx ones are, so pretty much won’t fit any human knees the way that they’re supposed to. Colour was off. Quality of the foam & pad cap was off. Eh, for that cheap price, it was worth sending it off to Arc’teryx – but definitely not something worth repeating.

Pro-Win Hop Up Chamber for M4 AEG – didn’t work in my Dboys HK416 outer barrel. Hop up unit tension spring + Pro-Win screw didn’t create quite enough force to jam the hop up unit solidly in place against the gearbox… resulting in sketchy feeding and some pretty major air leaks/inconsistencies. Shiny blue finish looks awesome, and the drum hop up chamber concept is great – though there was discernible wobble in the hop up arm, as well as the hole for the air nozzle was slightly undersized (meaning it didn’t have enough clearance for the Guarder air nozzle, though it required the shorter M16VN-style instead of the M4A1-style). Would take too much work than what it was worth to me, so I ended up returning it ASAP after a few days worth of frustration. Apparently the Pro-Win chamber works fine in the VFC HK416 that “Goggles” owns, immediately after he installed it, but I’m not sure how it shot when he fielded it.

Element Snail Strobe – fell apart after one weekend of gaming. This was expected to happen (Driftinsti mentioned it after I had received mine), though the shiny battery cap in typical Element bronze/gold finish wasn’t entirely expected until after I got it and took another look at the pictures online again. Green strobe – what the hell did I buy a green strobe version for? I’ll never use the visible green… after all, red = dead (for example, kill rags). Time to go buy one of those FMA ones, I guess. At least those are patterned after the newer gen S&S Manta Strobes and don’t come in some half-assed attempt to make a FDE metal finish that looks any bit convincing.

TMC Dummy SAPI Plate – marked as a Medium SAPI, the size actually is a Large. That’s about the only good thing about them, IMO. The plastic construction is much thinner than Pantac or Toy Soldier dummy plates, so the TMC version is prone to squishing (or even cracking) when going putting weight on them. Hell, even stuffing the plates all the way back into a fully loaded plate carrier will squish them flat. Sounds to me like the TMC SAPI plates are wheezing – pretty sure its not possible for a piece of plastic to have Asthma. Guess I’ll just have to fill all 4 TMC plates that I’ve now got with something to keep them in shape.

FMA KG Inner Pouch for 6094 – the self-adhesive on the velcro on it is crap. The quality of the plastic is actually not bad, though on closer examination you can tell that it isn’t Kydex, like the S&S one is supposedly. It does actually fit both AEG M4 PMAGs and Systema PTW metal mags, but that’s about the only pleasant surprise I got out of this one. Self-adhesive velcro that doesn’t stick to the pouch itself means you can’t put this in anything… which totally defeats the purpose of having this pouch in the first place. I was a little disappointed to find that the pouch sits significantly shorter than expected – the height works fine in the TMC (LBT-2586J) Assault Panel, but it sits either too low to even touch the velcro in the kangaroo pouch of a 6094A, or sits too high in the kangaroo pouch and leaves a ton of floppy dead space in the bottom of the pocket.

Phoenix 6094A – build quality of the plate carrier itself is actually not bad. Details seem to emulate a 2008+ LBT 6094A quite well. Khaki colour doesn’t appear to quite match what I’ve seen of LBT colours, but I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the velcro that barely sticks together within the front flap (where the cummerbund attaches to the front of the 6094) – I mean, if you load more than one Systema PTW metal mag on there and take a few steps, you can hear the velcro start to give way as the weight flops it about. Same goes when you try to stick a Mayflower 3-mag insert into the kangaroo pouch, the velcro is equally weak there. I’ll probably be keeping this second-hand one and will have Ali the DS Tactical tailor-guy retrofit it to my specifications – I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling this to anyone as is, since the weak hook-and-loop is that disappointing.

Dboys 58rd Magazine for M4 AEG – I don’t even know; I really wasn’t expecting much with this one. I guess I just didn’t expect the inner plastic magazine casing to separate from the outer metal magazine shell the first time I remove the magazine from my gun. I don’t even know if this feeds or not, I was that annoyed with myself for even thinking that a Dboys M4 product might be okay.

Military Action 6.03 Stainless Steel Barrel for AEG – not exactly a dud, but I could have spent my money on something that I wouldn’t have just ended up dumping into a parts bin forever more (it was a barrel purchased for temporary/short term usage until I could get my hands on one of those Prometheus ASH 6.05’s). Worked a heck of a lot better than stock Dboys barrel. Wasn’t exactly straight though, even though it was a relatively short barrel of 285mm in length – pretty sure that’s not a packaging issue, nor is supposed to be an issue with the shorter barrels, as Airsoft Park advertises. If you looked down the bore of it, you could easily see visible defects. Kinda hilarious how well it shot for how cheap it was though… but still, there are much better barrels out there for just a few bucks more.

Replica Safariland Holster for 1911 (from Airsoft park) – disappointingly bad Safariland clone, but I did get it for $35 USD shipped (less than 1/3 the price I could get a real one for), so I guess I can’t complain too much. Basically, it loosely resembles the look and functionality of a real Safariland duty holster with SLS and duty lock… it just doesn’t have the same structural integrity (moulded plastic outside has three pegs coming out of it with threaded brass inserts – one of which broke off when I torqued a screw snug, meaning that this holster will probably never mount securely enough to the platform ever again). I mean, the hood doesn’t even retain either of my 1911’s with the hammer cocked and it just barely retains them if I holster hammer down (no, not half cocked – they won’t fit then). I’ve had and seen much better Safariland holster clones, namely some of the 6004/6005 clones, but the nicer ones that aren’t absolute crap cost roughly double this one.


2 responses to “Duds

  • Goggles

    I will say one thing about that chamber. It worked… every five shots. I’m not sure what the problem would be–I was running a Prommy Barrel with a bucking and H-nub to match and when installed into the Pro-win Chamber, it fed just find through the gun. But those were test-fire shots I went through to make sure it fed properly. On field usage was pathetic to say the least and it may come down to one of two things. The Air Nozzle isn’t large enough resulting in leakage or the bucking just isn’t right for the chamber itself.

    A little more in-depth with the Pro-Win Chamber–it fed fine and in concept, it is a great replacement for the M4-style Hop Up systems (three gears to turn the hop-up chamber down leaves a little more room for error in my opinion), but in practice, the inconsistency shot per shot is frustrating to say the least, ESPECIALLY IN GAME! One shot would go straight into the air like an 88, one would go straight, and the next five or six would just drop down, as if there was no hop–in other words Juicy, it is exactly what you said above. Though I’ve read stories of people getting phenomenal results with it on field.

    I’m going to keep it and test it out on another M4 to see if this thing can work. I mean, they keep selling, so there must be something they are doing right.

    TL;DR: 0/10, would not bang.

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