Preview: Lonex Hop Up and PDI-W Hold

So after my last massive overhaul on my King Arms M4’s internals I had it running exactly where I wanted it.

Compression is great, trigger response is perfect but something was still lacking. Despite its consistency and efficiency I still wasn’t getting the range and accuracy I wanted.

Previously I had been using the stock King Arms metal hop up unit that came with the gun and had upgraded it with a Guarder tightbore barrel and a Prometheus purple hop up bucking and nub. Even with those I was left wanting.

So after the last mil-sim I decided to start playing around with new hop up units and buckings, the first of those being the Lonex Enhanced Hop Up Unit and the PDI W-Hold (both purchased from


One big thing I found is that the majority of previews/reviews on both of these items are relegated to forums, so I had to dig to find player’s experiences.  After hearing decent reviews I decided to pick up both the hop up unit and bucking to go through and review it myself.

Initial Impressions on the Lonex Enhanced Hop Up Unit. 

Lonex Hop Up Unit

This thing is solid as a rock. Built out of aluminum and zinc coated this unit is not only tough but its fairly lightweight compared to my King Arms stock unit.

In the package you get everything you need to assemble to unit (except a bucking and nub) which was a relief because I didn’t want to have to strip the dials and screws off of another unit to put it together. All of the additional pieces are well made and feel high quality.

The ONLY issue I had with the Lonex Hop Up Unit was the gap where the barrel clip is installed was not cut correctly. The section was cut to small and as a result I wasn’t able to clip in the barrel securely without filing done the clip itself (as I don’t have the proper tools for filing down the hop up unit).

Lonex Hop Up unit in comparison to the stock King Arms unit

Lonex Hop Up unit in comparison to the stock King Arms unit

After this small modification the barrel clip was able to fit and get a solid lock on the barrel without any further issues though.

Initial Impressions on the PDI W-Hold

Notice the two separate mounds inside as opposed to the normal single mound used in most other buckings.

Notice the two separate mounds inside as opposed to the normal single mound used in most other buckings.

So to begin I’d like to touch on how the PDI W-Hold differentiates itself from other hop up units. As opposed to a solid nub inside of the bucking, the PDI W-Hold has two separate mounds that raise to help center the BB. The concept is that the BB will be centered by the two mounds and prevent any rotation while it travels through the bucking and barrel, making for a more accurate shot.

While I haven’t tested long distance shots yet I was impressed by the build and quality of the bucking. It’s a softer hop up rubber compared to a Systema bucking however the two mounds within actually feel solid enough that they won’t get torn apart . Additionally the bucking has ribs along the outside of the bucking for a better seal in the hop up unit.

This upcoming weekend I’ll be testing out the new Lonex Unit with the PDI W-Hold and post the results compared to my stock King Arms Unit.

5 responses to “Preview: Lonex Hop Up and PDI-W Hold

  • Goggles

    I do hope that you shot a few rounds through it just to make sure it feeds properly. I found that, depending on the combination of buckings, some hop-up rubbers can jam bb’s inside the chamber (IE. VFC Hop Up Chambers do not like using Prometheus Buckings at all). Least that was my experience. Your mileage may vary.

    Excited to see if this works.

    • Luke Takeuchi

      Yeah that was the first thing I checked once the hop up unit was installed. Luckily the system fed properly and I didn’t have any issues.

      • juicy

        PDI W-Hold had been my go-to hop up bucking for a while now. Found that though it didn’t work well on full-auto, shot to shot consistency within your usual effective range was greatly increased. Overall range stayed about the same – depending on what bucking you had been using previously. The W-Hold did result in me dropping rounds on people from further away than they would have expected in a repeatable manner (the little bullet drop notches within my repro ACOG actually helped now).

        This bucking is actually on the thin side, so it is less likely to not fit/function with tighter hop up chambers, Goggles. It does also mean that you may get a slight air leak due to the rubber not taking up as much space, depending on what barrel you’re pairing it with. I did find that the PDI W-Hold was lowering my FPS consistently by 30-50 (as compared to a Systema bucking) in the exact same builds, though my range was more or less staying the same… not sure if this is unique to me or not, though.

  • ChipD

    How did the game time results work out? Was there an increase in range?

    • tak

      From the playtests thus far, I haven’t seen a dramatic increase in the range of my gun from before. I think this is due to the material the bucking is made of, its a softer material so the backspin applied on bbs isn’t as big as harder material buckings.

      What I have noticed from using the PDI W-hold is that you do notice better accuracy on semi-auto fire, not laser accurate, but certainly better than standard hop up buckings.

      One word of warning though, if you’re a player who frequently uses full auto I would recommend against using the W-hold. While single shots have better accuracy on full auto you lose any of that accuracy. The W-hold is not designed for full auto at all.

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