Umarex HK416C AEG: Externals Review

The Umarex (by VFC) HK416C AEG is something that’s a little more new on the market. Though it isn’t the Umarex/VFC UAR AEG I’m still waiting for, it showed up on an order of guns that arrived at work. While I was putting it up for display, I snapped some quick pictures of the external highlights that I’m pretty excited for on this latest generation of Umarex/VFC HK416 & variants. Though I wouldn’t buy this particular model myself, some of the parts that are found here are things I’ll be attempting to source for myself through work.

Correct HK pistol grip (not sure if the angle is entirely correct, but it is noticeably more straight than regular A1/A2 grips):


Drum-style hop up chamber (same size and shape from what I can see outside the gun as a standard M4 hop up chamber):


Quick-detach folding rear sight (as I was excited to see available for purchase individually in this previous article):


And… the rest of the gun:


I’ll be getting my hands on one of these newer drum-style hop up units the moment I figure out what the corresponding VFC part number(s) are. I’ve been hearing that they’re working great thus far in the few HK417 AEGs that are in use locally.

More photos after the break… details of the gun, as well as the pistol grip and rear sight that I’m so excited about.



The magazine is the VFC/Umarex HK416 hi-cap. These mags are very cool because they do look the part of the real HK high-reliability magazine, with the correct curvature and squared-off base plate. The best part about these Umarex (VFC) HK416 hi-caps? They have no winding wheel on the bottom – rather they are key-wound and one complete wind will actually shoot out all the ammo that you can fit inside the magazine… no, I didn’t believe this at first, either. Yes, I tested it to verify this (while at my last job). Yes, it works as advertised.




More pictures of the pistol grip:




Sloppy job threading the plastic motor grip plate for the motor height adjustment screw to go through, VFC. I’m not impressed.

More on the rear sight:







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