Lying in wait.

photo (35)For a good hour at Bellator Entertainment’s night sim last night, this was my point of view. As part of the defending team, and having been given free reign to harass the attacking enemy as I saw fit, I decided to deploy in the grass covering the main approach to the buildings we had to defend. I eventually engaged enemy troops as they approached the road; not sure if I got any kills or not as they had blinded me with a flashlight and I was firing blind into flashlight beams, but I think I did well to cause confusion and pin them there for a good twenty minutes or so. After that I decided enough was enough and I grabbed my stuff and fell back.

I quite liked the lone wolf type of game I was able to play last night. With most sim games I’m usually running with Fireteam Bro and giving/receiving orders, and it was a pleasant change of pace to be out on my own. There’s nothing quite like the thrill you get when you’re hiding behind a bush and there are ten to twenty tangos passing by who don’t know you’re there.

I also got a kill with my suppressed Mk.23 SOCOM, and any day you can do that is a good day in my book.



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