Incoming Acquisitions

So after the last Mil-sim (held by Bellator Entertainment) I decided to order in some new gear.

The first purchase is one of the OPS CORE ACH Head-Loc Retention System X-Nape (Picture taken from the OPS-CORE website).

OPS CORE ACH Head-Loc Retention System X-Nape

OPS CORE ACH Head-Loc Retention System X-Nape

A long name, but essentially a replacement retention system for my IBH. The IBH I purchased so far has held up and works great, however the retention system that came with the helmet has been absolute garbage. The  system was made of low quality parts and for some odd reason was heavily slanted to the left hand side. Regardless of how I adjusted all of the straps, when tightening it it would flop left making me look like an idiot. Additionally the bolts holding the system have come loose and disappeared over time.

SO I decided to order a OPS CORE retention system to replace the existing one inside my helmet. OPS CORE has gotten great reviews for the quality of their helmets and retention systems and I’m looking forwarding to installing it in my IBH. (I’ll provide photos of the installation when it arrives).

One aspect I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out was that OPS CORE provides different types of systems based on what the end user needs. The X-Nape version I ordered is intended for “conducting rigorous activities while wearing lighter NVDs”. While I don’t wear NVDs at all the retention system is simplified and has fewer adjustment points to accomodate for this.

OPS CORE ACH Retention System H-Nape

OPS CORE ACH Retention System H-Nape

On the flip side OPS CORE provides a second system, the H-Nape (pictured above from the ehobbyasia) which is specifically geared towards operators wearing heavier NVDs and accessories mounted to the helmet. As a result a fifth adjustment point is included in the H-Nape allowing the User to customize the  force and leverage on the horizontal straps inside the helmet  to assist in securing the helmet and preventing any slipping while in movement.

Anyways, quick update on cool gear and I’ll post more pics when the system comes in next week.


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