Work-In-Progress: WE M&P Hop Up Fix

Edit: I’ve since figured out that WE themselves have put a new and improved hop up dial and arm into production in the M&P Compact – see this post for more info. The process I will be completing (to fix the M&P hop up adjustment problem) effective immediately will now be the new one I’ve linked to. One YouTube video out there suggested shaving down the hop up chamber to allow for a more effective fit between the hop up dial and the chamber, though it appears that WE has just re-sized the dial instead of doing both.

This is my first published attempt at fixing the WE M&P (its a work-in-progress). It isn’t perfect, but it seems to do the job for now… sort of. The hop up dial just doesn’t move as smoothly as it should as is, though it does turn enough to allow for hop up adjustments in minor increments with more force required than usual.

I’ve tried some of the other proposed fixes on YouTube, but haven’t had much success with them. Putting some of the concepts together with some of my own resulted in this fix – but its anything but complete thus far.

Thanks to “Kampfer” for talking through some of the more technical aspects of this work-in-progress mod for the WE M&P hop up with me… well, that and mostly just smiling and nodding as I talked to myself for a while.

Part 1 – Review

Part 2 – Update

Part 3 – Full-Auto Fix

Part 4 – Full-Auto Fix Video

Part 5 – Work-In-Progress Hop Up Fix (not the most current info I have)

Part 6 – Working M&P Compact Hop Up!

Part 7 – WE M&P Hop Up Fix Part 2 (this is the most up-to-date fix I know of)

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