Sale Swag – DS Tactical Day

Gear I picked up on the weekend: 5.11 Taclite Boots, Princeton Tec Headlamp, Paracord and DS Tactical t-shirts and patches.

Gear I picked up on the weekend: 5.11 Taclite Boots, Princeton Tec Headlamp, Paracord and DS Tactical t-shirts and patches.

This past weekend a local tactical retailer, DS Tactical, had a huge sale/customer day. Pretty much everything in-store was on sale so there was little I could do to not buy gear.

I managed to pick up a new pair of boots, 5.11 8″ Taclite boots, to replace my old, old Timberland boots, RIP. While I haven’t field tested the boots yet initial impressions are great. They are incredibly comfortable, like walking on clouds. Others who have owned the boots said that they don’t require much if any breaking in so I’m looking forward to testing these out on the field.

I also picked up a Princeton Tec “Fred” Headlamp. The headlamp runs on three AAA batteries, can be mounted on a helmet with an additional adapter and has four settings of light. I was super stoked to find the headlamp could emit both red and white light making it ideal for night milsims. Both white and red LEDs have two settings (low/high) and the unit can run for up to 70+ hours on the highest setting.

Additionally I picked up 10 feet of paracord to wrap my AK skeleton stock (will post pictures later). However I’m now left with 7 feet of paracord, so if anyone has other uses for it I’m all ears.

And lastly, everyone who made a purchase on DS Tactical day got a free DS Tactical T-shirt and patch, awesome swag and the patches are legit.


2 responses to “Sale Swag – DS Tactical Day

  • Lupo

    Paracord is an excellent multi use material.
    Possible uses for what you have left over are.
    #1 Mag puls – take the guts of the PC out and put a zip tie with the ends cut off inside it. 100mph tape the unit to your mags and you have what soldiers used before magpuls were manufactured.
    #2 Dummy cord/lanyard – either use the PC with the guts or without (easier to tie without). Tie the PC to whatever you want to secure (multitool , flash lights , headlamps , compass , knife). If you have util pouches with grommets you can feed the PC through the grommet and then tie a knot. When you are using it for hand operated things (knives/multitools/compass) make sure you leave enough cord length to reach with your arms out stretched.
    Im sure there are more things people will come up with , but for me those are the big ones.

    • tak

      Hey Lupo thanks for the ideas!

      Didn’t know that about the early magpuls and definitely going to look into using the PC as dummy cord/lanyards, really smart idea.

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