VFC SCAR-H Revamp Project – Part One

VFC SCAR-H w: Vision King 1.25-5 short dot

VFC SCAR-H w: Vision King 1.25-5 short dot

I’ve been in the market for a new AEG lately, but after a couple of days I couldn’t quite settle for anything. After a conversation with good buddy (and owner of Airsoft Gear) Julian, it occurred to me – why not just revamp an AEG I already own?

My VFC SCAR-H has long been my least used AEG. I absolutely love the look and feel of the gun, but its performance left something to be desired in that it didn’t shoot – at all. Many a frustrating hour was spent trying to figure out exactly what the problem was, when I finally realized, after some testing with the highcap instead of the midcaps, that the problem was with the magazines.

The spring in the VFC midcaps are apparently super weak, and didn’t push the bb fully into the chamber during the firing cycle (it only pushed it part way into the chamber, meaning most of the air pressure was lost to the bb pushing against the hop unit feeding tube), resulting in the bb falling harmlessly out of the barrel when it fired – if it even made it out of the barrel at all. A cursory look around the old interwebs revealed plenty of other fellow frustrated SCAR-H owners having the same problems with their midcaps.

Well, that settled it. Time to revamp the SCAR. Phase one details after the break.

Magpul PTS 20LR PMags

Magpul PTS 20LR PMags: same awesome PTS internals, larger girth. Because size matters.

The first order of business was obviously picking up new mags. I like the look of the FN mags, and briefly considered purchasing a couple of additional highcaps (the highcaps, of course, fed perfectly in the gun). Unfortunately, this would mean I’d be unable to use the gun during sims (which often restrict or ban the use of highcaps). And there’s also the fact that I’d be using highcaps. Like a noob.

Thankfully, Airsoftgear.ca had the Magpul PTS 20LR PMags in stock, which are the larger 7.62 version of the standard 5.56 PMag. My love for PTS PMags (in both AEG and PTW flavors) is well documented in these pages, and I have no doubt that these will perform just as well. Plus, the polymer construction means less weight than the metal FN mags, which is always a plus.

The 20LR PMags don’t fit in the VFC SCAR-H without modification, however – the SCAR has a raised ridge in the magwell that renders most 7.62 midcaps incompatible and forces you to use VFC’s own midcaps, which is kind of a dick move on their part. I kindly asked fellow Fireteam Bro member Jetlag (previously known as DXN) to take a dremel to it. I cleaned it up a bit with a hand file, but the PMag still wasn’t fitting correctly… it needed to be pushed forward in order to feed.

Enter: velcro.

Velcro - the duct tape of airsoft.

Velcro – the duct tape of airsoft.

A couple of well placed strips of velcro in the magwell solved all my feeding issues – the 20LR PMags now fit and feed perfectly in the gun. Velcro is the answer to pretty much every airsoft feeding problem out there. Often the mag is just misaligned with the feeding tube, and velcro strips in the magwell (or magazine release, in the case of my LCT AK) often provides just enough shimming to align the magazine’s bb chute with the hop up’s feeding tube.

Chronoing the SCAR-H showed that it fired at 420fps, which is right around where it shot when I was using the high cap. Yay! Problem fixed.

Future work on the horizon includes some fiddling with the hop system – I wanna toss a new hop rubber in there, and possibly a new motor (the SHS High Torque motor I have in there runs really hot).  The third phase of the restoration will involve some external goodies… but that’s for another entry (and another paycheque).

For now, I have a “new” AEG, without having to buy a new AEG. Does that make sense?



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