Woodland/DCU Day

"Sears called - they want their models back." -Loops

“Sears called – they want their models back.” -Loops

Fireteam Bro decided to run a camo scheme that DXN -err, Jetlag– has been running for awhile now… woodland top, DCU pants. I must say I generally am not a fan of running mixed camo schemes (it just looks messy in my opinion, even if it is effective most of the time), but I’m definitely liking this look and will probably be running it a lot in the near future. Looks especially good with khaki/CB rigs… I didn’t run a helmet today but will try running one with this setup next chance I get.

On an unrelated note, the SCAR-H continues to have feeding problems (it fed only 90% of the time I pulled the trigger), so I guess the new mags weren’t the perfect solution that I thought they would be. Now I’m thinking it’s gearbox related. More tinkering is on the horizon for that gun.

On another unrelated note, my LCT AK 105 (in above pic) continues to impress me with the amount of ass it’s kicking. The only change I’ll be making to it in the near future is a skeleton stock, but I’m way too happy with its performance to even think about messing with the internals. 🙂


2 responses to “Woodland/DCU Day

  • Juan Jose Arcos

    I agree with you about the mix of camos, I prefer one color for everything, including gear, but there is something about DCU and woodland that that I really like when you mix them. Anywhore, pretty sick loadout man!

  • Tristan "Goggles" Wong

    God I love that AK…

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