CQB @ RIP: Hi Dirt!

I guess I forgot to post this clip here… oh well, here it is.

May 9th CQB game at Richmond Indoor Paintball as run by Bellator Entertainment… amoung some of the footage that I got, none of which was particularly amazing as I forgot to turn my camera on for the more intense game play moments.

However, I did manage to film a gangster style execution by “Jaws” (or “Rage”). More on that execution when “Goat” finishes stitching together the footage of this moment that both “Aries” and I managed to capture using our action cameras.

Link to Aries’ GoPro footage: http://www.youtube.com/user/aries597/ … although he hasn’t posted his clip either yet, as I’m pretty sure he sent his off to Goat as well.

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