WE M&P Compact: Working Hop Up!

This one will be a short post with good news on the WE M&P series:

I’ve been fooling around with the WE M&P Compact on display at work – turns out that the hop up adjustment dial turns just as it should… out of the box. Very nicely so, too; its way smoother than any of the hop up mods I’ve tried so far on the couple of M&Ps I’ve been working on.

I’ll take some pictures when I get a chance to sit down and completely dismantle one of those M&P Compacts as “research” on the clock. I’ll also have a bit more info on why the hop up works in the Compact, and I’ll see if there’s any way to modify the existing 1st run of full size M&P hop up chambers to work in the same way.

I’m going to be trying to order a couple in for installation in full size WE M&P, after I confirm that the fit and function of the Compact hop up chamber & parts is the same as in the full size M&P.

Part 1 – Review

Part 2 – Update

Part 3 – Full-Auto Fix

Part 4 – Full-Auto Fix Video

Part 5 – Work-In-Progress Hop Up Fix (not the most current info I have)

Part 6 – Working M&P Compact Hop Up!

Part 7 – WE M&P Hop Up Fix Part 2 (this is the most up-to-date fix I know of)


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