Failed Install: Maple Leaf KSC 2 Hop Up Rubber Set for KSC System 7

Turns out this Maple Leaf (and/or ESD) EVO II hop up set only is workable in KSC/KWA GBBR (i.e. KWA LM4, KWA Kriss Vector, HK45 are what I’ve been reading about this working for on the internet). I guess this is what I get for getting all excited about a new product and ordering it before carefully reading the product description – it most definitely does not fit and/or function with my KSC P226R System 7.

  • Description:
  • Suit for KSC System 7 Series Airsoft Gas Blow Back GBBR Rifle
  • 75” inner rubber
  • Free Shipping

Gah – I was really excited to put this into my P226R.

To make things more specific: the hop up rubber and metal “sleeve” do fit over the inner barrel and into the hop up adjustment “drum”, however the “arm” does not have enough clearance from the metal sleeve to clip over the inner barrel (in the groove for the hop up rubber to seal in). Even if the hop up arm managed to clip into place, the prong that is used to adjust the amount of hop wouldn’t be adjustable with the adjustment drum as there’s no graduated difference in thickness in that area (the area that adjust hop up in the stock drum is located directly above the hop window of the inner barrel, as versus the area that the Maple Leaf hop up arm would use which is much closer on the drum to the teeth that lock into the KSC/KWA hop adjustment tool).


6 responses to “Failed Install: Maple Leaf KSC 2 Hop Up Rubber Set for KSC System 7

  • Grant Mackay

    No! ….i’ll let u know how it works with the glock ……(Biting nails)

    • juicy

      Probably won’t work. I tried it yesterday on my M9 with the same result as my P226R – barrels have similar sized cuts for the hop up rubber to sit in and seal against, as with the Glock and ATP.

  • Felix Sinclair

    It probably doesn’t work because you got the version for GBBR. It’s not compatible between models, you have to get the version that’s actually made for the gun you’re going to put it into. 😛 I’m not sure if they make one for the 226.

    • juicy

      Yup, I figured that out the moment I pulled it out of the packaging and actually studied it after impulse-buying it.

      • Felix Sinclair

        I don’t blame you. The site is kinda misleading, makes it seem like there’s only one version.

      • juicy

        Yes, it is. I ordered it without researching it entirely in hopes that it would be a drop-in upgrade – tried it and it didn’t work the way I had imagined it, much to my disappointment… hence the title and short article.

        I could have figured that out after seeing various videos (e.g. RA-Tech) showcasing KWA’s new hop up system. That being said, I was previously unaware that the “drum” is actually a different shape and design on the LM4, Kriss, HK45 than in the older models… figured that out pretty quickly after trial and error and a brief Google search to confirm my findings.

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