New Gear: Umarex HK USP Mags

Umarex HK USP .45 Gas Mags

New mags for my KWA HK USP .45

I purchased my KWA USP last summer from another airsoft player (Loops) and have had a blast using it. A reliable secondary that’s perfect for CQB. However over time through wear and tear my old mags started to become inconsistent. Mags weren’t feeding, gas was leaking. But today my order from eHobbyAsia arrived, two brand new gas mags for the USP. When trying to hunt down replacement mags for my pistol I found that most KWA branded mags, made prior to the Umarex acquisition of the HK license, were incredibly expensive. Replacement KWA mags started at $55 and went up. These Umarex branded USP mags from ehobbyasia were $35 a pop and were designed for Umarex/KWA/KSC USP series pistols.

From the short tests I’ve done so far these mags feed well and the gas reservoir are sealed well. Overall I’m stoked with the purchase and looking forward to the next time I get to draw my USP in a game.


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